Wow news! Google launched 3D-ad

Meet the new ad format from Google – Swirl. It is an interactive 3D-ads immersive. Users will be able in every way to interact with the product in advertising: rotate, zoom, stretch. The ability to create 3D-creatives in Google is already available when “Display and Video 360 ‘worldwide. To do this, download the completed three-dimensional materials with Google Web Designer tool, and then apply a Swirl patterns. Additionally, you can publish photo-realistic images of high quality and make settings on the 3D-platform Poly & nbsp; from the Google & nbsp.; Some of the brands managed to test the 3D-ads and get results. Thus, the involvement of users that shows advertising has grown several times: from Purina (pet food) – 6 times; from Nissan (automobiles) – 8 times; & nbsp; from Adidas (clothes and shoes) in Latin America – 4 times & nbsp;. We conclude that the new format to better illustrate the characteristics of the product, its functions and operations. If you have not yet implemented Swirl in the business, our experts will help solve this problem. Just leave your request on video and BCG experts will contact you.

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