What is Linktree

Surely you’ve ever logged into an Instagram or Twitter profile and seen a link that this brand or person used in order to share links to other social networks, WhatsApp, YouTube, their website or other sites of interest.

The ability to group all your links within the same panel eliminates the need to ask your audience to leave your profile and open another app to enjoy your other content.

One of the best tools for sharing a link in the bio, whether it’s from Instagram, Twitter or a similar network, is Linktree.

Read on to learn how it works and how you can use it to start redirecting your followers, leads and customers to various pages of interest using a single link.

Note: If in the end Linktree doesn’t convince you, there are other services for sharing links on networks. Check out our review of Taplink and decide if it’s for you.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a tool that allows you to create a kind of landing page in which you can include an unlimited number of links with buttons, as well as embed YouTube videos, create QR codes and generate traffic statistics.

This last point is very useful to know the behavior of your audience, that is, the way they interact with the digital presence of your brand.

Among its outstanding features are that it allows you to customize the background of the page, as well as explore various types of buttons, create colorful buttons and highlights, add social network icons to the buttons, add a logo at the top and much more.

It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, as well as generating a fully responsive page, i.e. optimized for mobile devices.

Is it worth using Linktree?

Now that you know what Linktree is and what it’s for, you may wonder if it’s really worth it to use it on your networks, especially if you don’t have that many pages to share.

But even in this scenario, this tool is very beneficial. Brands of all sizes use it, even influencers who share just one affiliate link do. Verified and new accounts; anyone can do it.

(Note: if you want to verify your Instagram account, this article is right up your alley).

Here’s a review of its main benefits:

  1. Concentrate your links in one place

Having all your links in one place and sharing only one “parent” URL that leads your audience, followers, leads and customers to the page helps you keep everything organized.

Also, it’s common to need to remove or change a link for any reason, which has to be done manually in each place you’ve shared it, one by oneā€¦ not a fun task.

With Linktree you will save time, as changing, deleting or creating new links takes just a few seconds. Centering your links means that the update will be done automatically for anyone who accesses your Linktree page.

As mentioned above, you won’t need to use a link shortener or any other tool to group URLs or track performance statistics.

2. Get traffic stats.

Want to know how many people clicked on a link? It’s possible to track this and other metrics through Linktree thanks to traffic statistics.

You will be able to measure your engagement on networks and know if people actually click on the links shared using Linktree. Remember that you can use Linktree for Instagram, Twitter, WhastApp (especially WhatsApp Business), Facebook and many more social networks or platforms.

Knowing the sources of traffic is very relevant, for this many brands use a link shortener that allows them to know more information while making their links more reliable.

Well, with Linktree that is not necessary, especially if you want to know the basic statistics, because it collects them for you.

3. Maximum customization

Linktree can be used by virtually any person or brand. Its image is highly customizable, so it can be used by pet stores, gyms, influencers, YouTubers, marketing agencies, restaurants and many others.

You’ll be able to choose a theme and customize your bio and even the background image, that’s completely free. While the Pro version allows you to play with the background and buttons.

How to create your Linktree for Instagram and other networks
Creating a Linktree account or profile is really simple, this service offers a free plan forever and a PRO (paid) plan for those who want to take advantage of all its advanced features, such as:

  • Link programming;
  • Video links;
  • Thumbnails in links;
  • Social network icons;
  • CTR (click-through rate) report;
  • Custom buttons;
  • Premium themes and much more, as you will see on the pricing page.

How to use Linktree

Step 1: Create your account
To create your Linktree account, go to their Linktree and sign up. It’s as simple as entering these details:

Email address;
Username (which will be reflected in the URL);
Then you will see a field to enter your full name and select at least three categories that describe what you will share within this platform.

After this, select a free or PRO plan and then you will receive a verification email to the email address used to register your account. Access your email and click on the verification link to confirm the registration.

Step 2: Customize your Linktree
The next step will be to select the “Appearance” tab in the tool from the menu at the top of the screen and then start customizing your profile as you prefer.

With the PRO version, in addition to having access to exclusive themes or creating your own, you will also be able to customize buttons, fonts, include a custom background and remove the Linktree tag from the page.

Step 3: create the links
Finally, start inserting the buttons by going to the “Links” tab and then clicking on “Add Nwe Link”, as shown in the image below.

Note that in addition to entering the name of the button and the target URL, you can also, with the PRO version, add a thumbnail image, highlight the most important links, schedule when you want them to appear on the page and enjoy advanced statistics that go beyond the number of clicks, which is available in the free version.

How to create a QR code with Linktree
The QR code is essentially an evolution of the barcode, which can be read by mobile device cameras. They can be ideal for those who want to, for example, share their Linktree page address on physical media such as flyers or posters.

To do this in the top right corner of the screen, click on “Share” and then select the “My Linktree QR Code” button, you can then download your code, print it out and share it wherever you want on a physical media.

QR on Linktree

Tips for using Linktree

Now that you know what Linktree is and how to use some of its main functions, it’s time to learn some tips that will help you maximize the results of using this platform.

What follows are some essential tips for those who want to start using this tool and focus all your links to share them with your audience from the same source.

Share it in the bio of your networks.
You can use Linktree Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even on WhatsApp; the idea is that your audience can easily get this link.

Putting the Linktree URL in your Instagram bio and other networks is one of the best ways to present content of interest to your followers. For example, many brands use it to share a landing page or a special offer.

They even “alert” their followers with their Stories or tweets with phrases like “link in bio”. Making them see that they will get something of interest there. Whether it’s a YouTube channel or video, website or link to other networks.

Don’t insert too many links
We recommend keeping the page in the tool as clean as possible.

Share links to sites that are really important, but avoid including too many links so that people don’t get lost with too much information.

Many use the first screen rule. Whatever fits on a vertical screen is the perfect size, many users won’t scroll down to see more buttons if they don’t quickly get what they are looking for.

Share only strategic links
To optimize the number of links and also make sure that they really help you achieve your goals, share only strategic links.

If you want to increase followers on a specific social network, that’s the link you want to share. If your desire is to increase sales, a link to your online store makes the most sense. Other common destinations of interest are landing pages, product pages and links to a YouTube channel or video.

Linktree for Instagram

Highlight the most important buttons
The reason this feature is exclusive to the PRO plan is because it’s really effective at inviting users to click on the link you want.

If you can’t or want to highlight a link, another option is to put that link of interest in the first place, so it will be the one that gets the most attention.

Customize your Linktree profile
We must say that, although the free version of the tool already fulfills its function, if you are really interested in customizing the page according to the visual identity of your brand (personal or business), the best option is to purchase the PRO plan.

This way it will look like an extension of your brand and not a link to an external source.

Having a personalized Linktree helps people to identify that it is really yours, which transmits trustworthiness.