Ways AI Can Improve Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence. This is the talk of the town today. In fact, Mark Cuban recently stated that soon AI will be responsible for the world’s first trillionaire.

What does AI actually do? It simulates intelligent functioning in systems. The aim is to develop technology that enables machines and computers to operate in an intelligent manner; as close as possible to human intelligence.

It is used in a wide range of tools and applications. Have you ever had a chat with a bot in Facebook Messenger? Or Telegram? If so, you already have a taste of AI. Let’s see how you can use it to improve your email marketing.

Increased open rates

As an email marketer, you are probably looking for the best possible open rates, right? This must have led you to try different things manually to bump this up, including segmentation, personalization and even use of emojis in your subject lines among others. You don’t always get these right, do you?

AI is coming to your rescue. Machine learning algorithms can actually do all the math for you and come up with best times to send emails based on a user’s past behavior. To such users, your emails will be coming at just the right time; when they’re more likely to open.

Having trouble with product recommendations? Not anymore. These amazing AI robots will be checking user behavior on your website, then emailing them product recommendations, thus increasing your conversion rates.

AI can take over routine functions

There is so much noise online, thus you need to meticulously study your audience to know the best way to reach them. Due to this, lots of new metrics keep coming up. This can be a headache to analyze and come up with actionable steps.

AI can take over certain routine and heavy-duty tasks, allowing you to focus more on creative work.  It can even turn the huge data into actions that drive business results.

So as the customer data grows, AI can evaluate, understand and act on the huge data. This will not only make you effective but also more competitive. With AI, you will be able to generate the maximum value from your email marketing campaigns.

Lead generation and nurturing

AI can be used to closely monitor how a user interacts with your site to know the best way to get them to engage. Users can then engage by subscribing, commenting, buying or even sending a message through your responsive contact form.

Once a user gives shows an interest in your product or service, AI can follow up – initiating and maintaining a conversation with them. Through deep-learning, these robots can come up with a near-human way to get the user into your mailing list, send them exactly what they are yearning for and eventually convert them to buyers.

Customer insight

Tools such as predictive analytics and propensity modeling will enable you to utilize consumer behavior to carry out successful marketing campaigns. Due to the extensive machine-learning and analytical capabilities, efficiency improves with the increase in the amount of information it receives.

In short, AI will knock off the need to keep analyzing customer behavior manually. Instead, you’ll get excellent insights delivered to you. This will not only be important to your email marketing campaigns but also other online campaigns that you’ll want to carry out in future.

Exponential growth

Deep learning provides tools that enable you to acquire and retain clients more effectively. Text analysis allows for systematic tracking and evaluation of communication and digital behavior. Predictive modeling will enable you to enhance client experience and boost consumer loyalty

AI also makes it easier to target and send segmented emails. These have been proven to very effective in increasing open rates, engagement and eventually conversions.

What’s more, AI can pinpoint lucrative segments of your email list that holds the most potential, enabling you to take action that can lead to exponential growth of your business.

As you can see, AI can improve your email marketing campaigns by automating complex processes. This makes it easier for you to achieve better and more reliable results.

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