Update Google Ads Editor: new types of campaigns and additional opportunities for accounts

Google Ads editor updated to version 1.2, & nbsp; reported & nbsp; on the company’s homepage. What do these numbers mean in practice and how they can be effectively used for & nbsp; the content settings? In early November, Google Ads Editor has expanded its capabilities. Now it is possible to configure: Discovery-campaign (Discovery campaigns) campaigns for mobile applications that the user has already installed (App campaigns for engagement) Other changes in Google Ads Editor Editor also improved the interaction between the accounts. Now you can & nbsp; to use the negative keyword lists from different accounts using the section “Shared library” is also possible to & nbsp; to quickly identify the same type of errors at once in all campaigns and accounts Google Ads with a special filter “error” quickly find the right line through concise editing panel , which concealed the duplicate data about the audience and some empty fields. the entire list can be deployed again, if necessary, by clicking on “more”. Finally, & nbsp; to search campaign is now applied the strategy of “maximum conversion value” In order to gain access to the new editor, it must be loaded into the tool or interface & nbsp; link

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