Unilever and Sky joined AdGreen to combat climate change and urged to follow their example

Today, 9 September, the working group of the Advertising Association (Advertising Association) Climate Action in the UK has launched AdGreen initiative aimed at addressing the negative impact of the advertising industry on the environment. She was joined by Sky and Unilever company. AA The initiative has two key objectives: measuring the carbon footprint of the production of advertising; expansion of industry opportunities to reduce emissions and waste, as well as progress towards a carbon-free future production. AdGreen give participating companies the initiative a number of new features and tools. Among them, the training of specialists, carbon footprint calculator, which includes global carbon factors in more than 140 countries, the scheme of procurement of renewable energy sources, as well as certification and compensation scheme for the UK advertising community. This will help the project team to better understand which activities have the greatest negative impact on the environment. Important! Since 2021 AdGreen make available tools and expertise, not only for the participants of the initiative, but the entire British manufacturing community. Thus, all professionals from the advertising will be able to take steps to improve the climate.
“To go to the future with zero carbon emissions, it is necessary to take urgent action on all sides. We are pleased to join our colleagues and other leading organizations, to launch AdGreen and make a real difference in the production of advertising. It’s time to bet on carbon-free world “, – said General Director of Unilever Group Alan Dzhoup. Also their opinion about the quest to make the world cleaner AA expressed Marketing Director, Corporate Communications and HR Sky Group Debbie Klein: “In the Sky, we have pledged to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030, which is two decades ahead of the target the UK Government. But we also want to encourage others to join #GoZero, so I am pleased that Sky stands together with others including AdGreen founders. Together we can provide a vital platform for the exchange of best practices and innovative ways to address the climate crisis, because the world can not wait. ” In AdGreen currently supported ISBA, IPA and a number of agencies, including WPP and Havas. The group will be headed by industry expert Joe Coombs supported by Tricia Duffy adviser on strategy.

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