The service from Google Earth View has added more than 1,000 new images

Google Earth View service added more than 1000 new pictures surface of the Earth. Now the total number of about 2500 photographs. This & nbsp; said & nbsp; Google Earth officer Gopal Shah in a company blog. According to him, the idea of ​​making such pictures appeared 10 years ago, when he first saw from the airplane unusually beautiful lake, and then found it using Google Maps and take a screenshot of the screen. These were the salt ponds in San Francisco Bay. In Google Earth View provides satellite images and aerial photography data. This photos of landscapes with quality resolution of up to 4K. They can be used as a screensaver on your PC and the smartphone screen desktop. Or simply enjoy the views of our planet from a bird’s flight! In addition to the service, Google Earth View gallery pictures are also available in the same extension for Chrome. And in the service appeared in color filters and the region in which you can find in your favorite colors and landscape in virtually every country. Photos that are added now, have been doing for the last few years. In order to find the most amazing scenery, it was scanned 90 million square kilometers of satellite imagery. Selected images are optimized for color and exported in high resolution.

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