Text-to-speech free tools

As we have said, it has a text editor that is very useful. When you finish transcribing your voice, if you want to use that text for an email or for work, you can edit it on the same page. Correct accents, words that have not been understood well, commas and periods … You can even put bold, italics or change the font and font size so that the text can go directly to a text document that you are going to send. For its large number of languages and dialects supported, text editing tools and its ease to start using it, this site is one of the most recommended for this type of work.
Speechtexter – Transcribe audio to text

Of all the ones we have tested to make this list, Speechlogger is one of the best able to recognize our voice and transcribe it even when we speak fast or sing. It uses Google’s speech-to-text technologies and works through a web page without the need to install anything. It is able to transcribe audio to text but it also extracts text from audio files or converts text to speech if needed. It has automatic saving, allows us to export, print, share by email… It is one of the most complete and most recommended if you are looking for a very useful tool but, above all, very accurate.

Like others on this list, Speechlogger has recognition of several different languages and allows us to translate what we are saying in real time.
As the transcription does not use punctuation marks, we can find a bar with editing tools such as commas, periods, quotation marks, parentheses and other punctuation marks. Once we have finished the web allows us to export the transcribed and edited text directly to Google Translate, which is a very interesting resource if we have to send an email in another language. We dictate what we want to write, edit it with punctuation marks and export it directly to the Google translator to have it in another language.

Speechlogger also allows you to export subtitle files, which can be very useful if you want to transcribe a talk or a video for people with hearing problems or for people who speak another language. An interesting tool to add to our video editing list.

Talk Typer
Talk Typer’s interface is simple and easy to use: just tap the microphone and start talking. The text will appear automatically on the screen and we can copy it at the end or download it from the web itself. It is completely in Spanish and is one of the simplest and most intuitive tools on this list.

Its operation is very simple. We will have to give permission to listen to our microphone and click on the button to start dictating. Once we have finished the sentence will appear transcribed for us to make the necessary corrections, if any, and then we can accept the transcript and add it to the text to continue dictating. A very simple tool that works well.

IBM has Watson, its artificial intelligence capable of transcribing audios although we have noticed that it understands us less than other tools on this list. It can be useful if you have a clear and precise audio, with a loud voice that can be understood. But if you speak fast the result is not always the best. The great advantage of this website is that it allows us to upload files in Mp3, mpeg, wav and other formats without the need to transcribe in real time but what it will do is to convert the uploaded audio to text.

It also has a large number of languages and dialects that it claims to be able to understand and one of its main advantages is that it is able to detect several speakers and differentiate them in the transcribed text according to their voices.

Instant Transcription with Google
Google has its own instant transcription tool, a tool designed for deaf people and developed in collaboration with Gallaudet University. But although it is designed to improve the accessibility of Android phones and tablets, it is also a very interesting tool for anyone thanks to the fact that you can make transcriptions of practically anything you want: WhatsApp audios, interviews, recorded classes, etc.

You can transcribe in real time with high accuracy and there are 80 different languages or dialects. In addition, another advantage is that Google is able to do real-time transcription by quickly switching between two languages. You can also add custom words that you use frequently (specific names, for example) and it will detect them.

Google’s is an application that you can install on cell phones and tablets in case you need it. Just give it access to the microphone and it will start working in real time. It is probably the most effective and accurate of all this list: you can speak fast and Google will be able to understand and transcribe you instantly. Moreover, you can choose to save the transcriptions and later copy them to any document, Google Docs, etc. Its only drawback is that it does not have a web version that we can use from the computer.

Transcription applications
If what you are interested in is converting audio to text on your cell phone you may want to have an application installed instead of using pages like the ones we have compiled in previous paragraphs. If so, there are some tools for cell phones that we can download at no cost for Android and iOS. We only recommend them if you make a common use of this type of services and not for something punctual that you can easily solve with a web page.

Voice Texting Pro
For iOS, the Voice Texting Pro app is one of the best you can use if you want apps to transcribe audio to text. It is one of the most complete and interesting, you can have it for free. It is a free app with a good performance and easy to use. We simply need to activate the microphone that we will see in the button in the lower right corner. Once you have it, it will automatically start transcribing.

The great advantage of this app is that you can not only transcribe by activating the microphone, but you can send the message automatically by WhatsApp and other applications such as Twitter, Facebook, by SMS or email. It is easy to use if you have an iPhone phone and at no cost so you can try it without limit. It also has no limit on the number of transcriptions, for example.

Voice Texting Pro
Transcriber for WhatsApp
If what you want is to transcribe WhatsApp messages because you do not like listening to audios or because you can not at the time, you can download specific applications dedicated to this purpose. This is the case of Transcriber for WhatsApp, an application that lets you convert into text all the audios you receive through chats of the messaging application. Just click on the audio and tap on “share” and from here we will send it to the application. Automatically the app will start working in a popup window telling you what it says in the message received. It is quite useful and free and although it has ads it is not a nuisance when using it.

The application allows us to choose the speed, for example. We can choose the minimum speed and maximum speed we want from the settings. And its use, as we say, is very simple. Just hold down the voice memo and let it translate it for us. It is an option not designed for work but for all those times when your friends send you ten minutes of audio that you can hardly ever listen to because you are working, in the subway or at the movies.

Audio to Text for WhatsApp
If instead of having Android you have iOS, you can use Audio to Text for WhatsApp if you are looking for something specific to transcribe infinite voice messages from your friends. If you want something similar to the above you can do it with Audio to Text for WhatsApp whose mission is the same: convert into text the audios we receive in the messaging application. Just go to the conversation, tap on the audio and click on “forward”.

From here we send it to Audio to test for WhatsApp and we will automatically get the transcribed message without having to listen to it or use headphones