How A position in SERP affects CTR

What is the position in the search results most clickable? What factors other than SERP position affect the CTR? To answer these questions, Sistrix company analyzed more than 80 million keywords and billions of search results. Fresh statistics will help you brush up on outdated knowledge about Google CTR. Google CTR (Click-Through Rate) shows the number of people who have followed a link to a specific position, as a percentage of all clicks.

CTR survey results for different positions in the Google SERPs: The first position retains first place with the highest CTR. 28.5% of users go on the first organic link. In the second and third positions of the share of clicks is at 15.7% and 11% respectively. The lowest rate for the tenth position – only 2.5%. Average CTR for the first page of search results.

Most keywords are still showing a purely organic results, as in the first years of the existence of Google. In classic layout with ten blue reference index significantly higher CTR. CTR for organic search results.

Availability of the blocks with advanced features significantly affect the CTR and increase this figure. Additional links to increase the number of conversions. For the first position CTR may reach 46.9%. Selected snippets that give a broader response to the user, reduce the number of transitions. For the first position on the SERP CTR falls by 5.3% from the average rate – 23.3%. Knowledge panel also has a negative effect on CTR. The first position with this function gets 16% of clicks instead of 18%. Ads Google Ads at the top of the SERPs reduce the number of conversions for all SERP page. When advertising the presence of the first result received just 18.9% CTR. How to reduce the CTR ads for search results.

Note that the display on Google’s first page of search results can be absolutely any site. To do this, it must be optimized for key requests. The first step is to collect the correct semantic core.

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