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Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO of BCG BCG Source The agency collected in March the most relevant, what is happening in the internet marketers, web analysts, PPC- and SEO-specialists. Updated ranking algorithm Google Webmasters and SEO-experts learn SEO for JavaScript to YouTube search operators info does not work anymore why the site can not take on the […]
Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO of BCG BCG Source The agency collected in March the most relevant, what is happening in the internet marketers, web analysts, PPC- and SEO-specialists. Updated ranking algorithm Google Webmasters and SEO-experts learn SEO for JavaScript to YouTube search operators info does not work anymore why the site can not take on the Google branded search TOP 1 no longer supports rel = next / prev Google has launched a beta strategy "Maximum Conversion "37% of mobile traffic - for the YouTube Policy manager will talk about bad ads on Google Images will be more advertising in Instagram Stories appeared for 60 seconds videos and Google Analytics will export the conversion between different devices in the Google ads Google Analytics launched the Advanced Analysis Google Analytics introduced new API has been updated Google's ranking algorithm in the middle of March, the representative Google Danny Sullivan research team reported global update Google search algorithm worldwide. This broad update the kernel, which is not aimed at a certain niche or ranking factors. If the last few weeks have changed the position of your site, then it is likely due to the basic algorithm update. The Council of Representatives search engine remains the same as in previous updates: "As with any upgrade, some sites may celebrate the fall or rise. We have tips for specific pages, which began to work less, focus on creating great content, and over time it can raise your content is higher relative to other pages. " This week, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains as we've covered before. Please see these tweets for more about that: https: // // - Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) March 13, 2019 For more details about the new algorithm, see & nbsp; then Editor of Search Engine Land Barry Schwartz & nbsp; published & nbsp; the survey results on Google March update more than 500 SEO-specialists. Update led to a greater extent to the deterioration in ranking websites - noticed 58% of respondents. 33% of the observed improvement, and 9% did not notice any changes. The main priorities optimizers were: improved content, technical SEO, improved UX sites, working with references. Webmasters and SEO-experts learn SEO for JavaScript on the YouTube Google helps webmasters and SEO-experts to learn new technology. To do this, the search giant launched a series of videos about SEO for JavaScript. Google employee Martin Split explains how the JavaScript affects SEO, how to optimize websites in JavaScript so that they correctly perceived by the search engine. New issues are published every week. Now for viewing on the & nbsp; YouTube & nbsp; 6 series is available. The search operator does not work anymore info In late March, Google has disabled search operators info, which allows you to learn the canonical address of the page according to the search engine. This tool use SEO-experts. The company explained that the operator info disconnected due to its lack of use. In addition, recently launched a new version of & nbsp; the tool checks the URL & nbsp; from service Search Console, which allows you to see more detailed information about a particular page, in t h and its canonical version selected Google... Why the site can not occupy the top 1 to request branded on his Twitter Google spokesman Jon Mueller commented on the situation, when the site does not occupy the first position in the search. Hi @JohnMu I m searching keyword + My brand in Google. But, Google is showing my competitor link is coming # 1 and me on # 2. And saying Must Include and missing my brand name below of # 1 result. Why my brand site is not coming on # 1? - Sourabh Rana (@kmadhav) March 5, 2019 If a company name is more like a search query, such as «», it does not mean that the site will be ranked on the request by default in the first position. It should also take into account issues with indexation or even sanctions. Google no longer supports rel = next / prev Google stopped supporting the attribute rel = next / prev, which in 2011 was responsible for a multi-layout content. Support was abolished a few years ago, but now all the documents removed. Google recommends that instead of rel = next / prev to place your content on one page, rather than split it into several pages. Representatives of the searcher commented on the decision: "Research shows that users like a single-content. Therefore, be guided by this approach, whenever possible, but remember that content, consisting of several parts, it is also good for Google search. Do what works best for your users. " Google launched a beta strategy "Maximum Conversion" Soon, advertisers that promote mobile apps will be able to take advantage of intelligent bidding strategy "Maximum Conversion". Now actively conducted beta testing. The strategy of "Maximum Conversion" will help increase the number of units and increase the LTV. In this case, there will be held the target price and the conversion cost can be reduced. A new strategy, see the & nbsp; to & nbsp; blog, 37% of mobile traffic - for YouTube American company & nbsp; held Sandvine's study of popular mobile applications. Was leading video service YouTube, which generates 37% of all mobile traffic in the world. Given that mobile data traffic is measured in megabytes, you can immediately guess that YouTube will be in the first place. After all, video has the largest volume. Overall rating is as follows: YouTube - 37% Facebook - 8,4% Snapchat - 8,3% Instagram - 5,7% Web browsing - 4,6% Facebook video - 2,5% Netflix - 2,4% WhatsApp - 3 7% App Store - 2,1% Google Play - 1,9% Other - 23.4% can be assumed that users like to watch YouTube videos short and to view TV shows and movies prefer Smart TV or desktop computers. Policy manager will talk about bad ads Google Ads will launch a new service - Policy manager, with which it will be possible to monitor restrictions on advertising, keywords and extensions throughout the advertising account. Advertisers will be able to see why their ads are not approved because of the rules violation. In some cases, violations can be identified even in the creation of advertising. Google will send an alert, and PPC-specialist will be able to correct errors before the launch. Google Images will be more advertising During the search of images the user will notice two new Product Listing Ad format. This announcement showcases and shoppable ads, which Google launched in March. Now, advertisers can show several products in the search results Google Images. Users can simply move the cursor to this announcement with a price tag to get additional information: price, brand and so on. Product Listing Ads will be marked by the word "Advertisement". More details about the new product ad formats can be & nbsp; check out the & nbsp; the company blog. In Instagram Stories appeared videos of 60 seconds & nbsp; Facebook has increased the length of commercials in Instagram Stories from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Google Analytics will export the conversion between different devices on the Google Ads web analytics Google Analytics system in March introduced changes to track conversions. The service will monitor your conversions from all user devices. For example, if a person clicks from your smartphone on the Google ad advertising, and later buy the goods are already on your computer, then Google Analytics will share conversion between devices. The service uses some custom models that are listed in Google Accounts. This takes into account the personalization of advertising. First, gather all the conversion parameters between devices, and then for Google Analytics exports the Google Ads simulated conversion. PPC-experts can use the innovation to place ads and bids. To do this, go to the report "Cross-device» → «Way to devices» → «Mobile - Desktop." If the mobile has the highest conversion rate, it is possible to post more ads on mobile devices, and with higher rates. Google Analytics Advanced Analysis launched in March became available a beta version of a new extension for web analytics Google Analytics system. This advanced analysis, which allows you to create custom reports "on the fly". Web analytics can create your own interface to provide its customers with data in a readable format. The system of web analytics, you can import data from Google AdWords, & nbsp; DoubleClick Digital Marketing, or other applications Google 360. It is possible to make an analysis of data from the tabs that will contain a variety of methods of analysis. More details about Advanced Analysis, you can check out the & nbsp; then Google Analytics introduced a new API User Activity API allows you to receive information about the activity of the specific site visitor. These are grouped into sessions, each of which contains svoyidentifikator, a list of hits that it got, details on sources (including keywords on google / cpc), and many other parameters. On User Activity API settings read on & nbsp; link

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