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Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO BCG Despite the fact that many have gone or are going on vacation, specialists of the agency & nbsp; BCG & nbsp; collected in June the most relevant, what is going on in the internet marketers, the PPC and SEO specialists. Google officially announced the launch of update Change in Search Console […]
Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO BCG Despite the fact that many have gone or are going on vacation, specialists of the agency & nbsp; BCG & nbsp; collected in June the most relevant, what is going on in the internet marketers, the PPC and SEO specialists. Google officially announced the launch of update Change in Search Console SEO Mythbusting Google has released a new video will provide a greater variety of domains in Google SERP's plans with respect to the dynamic rendering Wayback Machine has added a new feature Changes Blocked Addresses in your robots.txt does not affect Google's crawl budget change bidding strategy Explore tab at Instagram will be advertising online retailers will have new tools from Google ads Creative team Create with Google got its own platform Google officially announced the launch of update June 3 started updating Google kernel that is not aimed at a certain niche or ranking factors. Massive update ended June 8, as officially announced. If during this period changed site traffic, it may be due to system upgrade. Already published statistics to update services such as Moz, SearchMetrics, RankRanger and Sistrix. Learn more about Google June 2019 Core Update read & nbsp; here. In addition, the recommendations given employee John Mueller: Changes in Search Console In June, the Google team has made several changes to the instrument Search Console. Now Google chooses their own primary domain, using a variety of signals. Them and should be used to report the search engine, a mirror site you have the basics. Should be used: rel = "canonical" in the HTML pages rel = "canonical" HTTP headers the server response 301 redirects in settings Search Console, you can see how the crawler used to index the site and when made the transition to Googlebot Smartphone: In addition, there are other functions associated with mobile-first: the annotation in reports, and User-Agent reports. This became known Twitter Google Webmasters: As part of our continued commitment to mobile-first indexing (read more at, today we are announcing a few tweaks to Search Console reports that will help you understand how Google is crawling your website - Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) June 26, 2019 Also in June, Google Search Console started doing newsletter for webmasters about changes in the top queries on the site. About innovations first to speak foreign experts. Example messages that circulate Search Console: SEO Mythbusting released a new video themes of new issues began June: JavaScript SEO. The Future of SEO in the process of development of the Internet. Google will provide a greater variety of domains in the SERP Google announced the introduction of changes, which is designed to provide a greater variety of domains in search results. This change means that now you usually will not see more than two links from the same site in the SERP. There will be exceptions. For example, search for a specific company branded request. It is worth noting that this is not an update, and these changes have not affected the changes in the ranking of resources. Websites that are ranked high, will continue to hold high positions in the search results will not be shown many pages from the same site. Google SearchLiaison ✔ @ searchliaison Have you ever done a search and gotten many listings all from the same site in the top results? We've heard your feedback about this and wanting more variety. A new change now launching in Google Search is designed to provide more site diversity in our results .... 1 & nbsp; 114 22:58 - 6 jun. 2019 Information about advertising on Twitter and confidentiality 876 people (a) talk about it Google plans for dynamic rendering Based on information received from a Google employee John Mueller, a dynamic rendering - this is a temporary solution. In the next few years the need for it may fall. Google is constantly working to improve the JavaScript engine. So that webmasters need to do less and less (long-term) to help Googlebot scanning and JavaScript processing. Wayback Machine has added a new Changes C function using the new feature, users can see how to change the contents of a particular URL over time. While the function is in beta-testing stage. Blocked Addresses in your robots.txt does not affect the budget of the scan by the search team Gary Ilsh reported that sections of the site, access to which is forbidden the search engine by using the directives in a robots.txt file, do not affect the budget kraulingovy site. Based on a question from @pierrefar i just updated the Crawl Budget blog post to include the following: Q: Do URLs I disallowed through robots.txt affect my crawl budget in any way? A: No, disallowed URLs do not affect the crawl budget.https: // - Gary «鯨 理 / 경리» Illyes (@methode) June 21, 2019 Recall that the pages will not be scanned more often due to the fact that other documents are blocked by web crawlers. In the near future, Google's official guide on the budget scan will be added to the Help Center. This we will cover in a future release. Google changes the bid strategy In June, Google Ads introduces a new bidding strategy instead of two old. About innovations learned from Google's help. "Target impression share" is the strategy of intellectual purpose, which replaced two packet bidding strategy - "Target search page" and "Target outranking". Already in the end of June, advertisers are not able to use the old strategy in the new campaign. In addition, Google Ads in the campaign will automatically replace the old strategy to "Target impression share", which is intended only for search advertising and sets bids to show ads at the top position in the upper part or elsewhere in the Google search results page. More about it can be found in & nbsp; Help on the Explore tab, Instagram & nbsp; Instagram is a popular advertising in its Explore section will soon begin to advertise. This section, in which you can see the publications selected interests in the profiles to which users are not signed yet. A new kind of advertising will allow advertisers to show ads among popular publications and posts that are fully consistent with the interests of users. In addition, it is possible to attract an audience that is looking for something new. Ads will be shown to users while viewing Explore tape as in conventional newswire. Using automatic optimization for different placement can attract a maximum of potential customers. It is worth mentioning that about 80 percent of users Instagram watching brand-name accounts, and 50 percent regularly use the Explore. Online shops will get new tools from Google Ads Within a few weeks will be a few new tools for owners of Internet shops. Google Ads team will help promote products and find buyers. Advertisers will be able to adjust to the local campaigns redirect calls to their offices. This can be done without setting tracking shopping as conversions. Now you can show your ads on Search, Maps, YouTube, and the GDN. Also, advertisers can create a location group to simplify promotion of branches of the group. It will promote the shares available in some stores. There were reports of creativity. Now, professionals can check the messages and elements work better than others. Lucky to advertisers in the US and Australia. Advertisers in these locations may add information about sales and promotions in their storefront using the Local inventory ads classifieds. Later, the novelty will be available in other countries. Back in the targeting, new segments to an audience of interested buyers. They are available in categories such beauty, sport, education and real estate. Among them - more than 30 suitable for retail sale. Creative Team Create with Google got its own platform in June, Google launched a platform for creative professionals & nbsp; Create with Google «Established creatives for creatives, the platform is designed to inspire, inform and give creatives the opportunity to implement the ideas." Examples of various creative campaigns can be found in the Inspiration section. In Inspiration section contains examples of creative campaigns. You can search for projects by format, vertical and platform. There is a search by keywords.

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