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Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO BCG In the world of internet marketing the new year began with a change in Google Search, and search engine algorithm updates. Agency experts & nbsp; BCG & nbsp; in January, not only absorbed tangerines and Olivier, but also following the news in the world of SEO, PPC and web analytics. In […]
Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO BCG In the world of internet marketing the new year began with a change in Google Search, and search engine algorithm updates. Agency experts & nbsp; BCG & nbsp; in January, not only absorbed tangerines and Olivier, but also following the news in the world of SEO, PPC and web analytics. In the new year with a renewed Google: Improved URL removal tool from the search New documentation Mobile-first indexing longer supported January 2020 Core Update Sites TLS 1.0 / 1.1 will receive a warning from the Search Console in the top 10 will not be duplicates Training video of Search Console on the Google ads will only be a uniform method of showing revenue generated by Google from advertising increased by 16% Updates Google Data Studio fix the problem with verification in the GSC through the Tag Manager WordPress made a "lazy" loading default in the new year with the updated Google 2020 th started with a big update from search giant Google. Analyst Google's John Mueller in a video digest spoke briefly about the changes: Updates using Google Search Console New documentation Mobile-first indexing; Termination of support updates the basic algorithm of Google Search, including BERT, change featured snippets and more rigorous treatment of mixed content in Chrome Update Googlebot user agent Improved URL removal tool from the search service Google Search Console in January presented an updated version of the URL removal tool, search. Now users can: Temporarily exclude pages from your search. You can delete a page for six months. Also removed a copy of the page from the cache and its extended description. Deleting the cached copy of the page will remove the description of the page until it is re-scanned. View obsolete requests for removal of content. Use SafeSearch. New documentation Mobile-first indexing in the English-speaking & nbsp; help & nbsp; Google Developers appeared updated documentation for webmasters. no longer supported Starting from April 6, Google will stop using markup to create advanced results. If your site uses a markup, the Search Console began to send a warning message to site owners to prepare for the upcoming changes. January 2020 Core Update Updating the primary search algorithm & nbsp; January 2020 Core Update & nbsp; affect all of the search results on a global scale. As Google explained further changes: "In order to understand how the update of the basic algorithm, imagine that in 2015, you have created your list of the top 100 best films. A few years later, in 2019, you decided to revise the list. He, of course, updated. It will be added to some of the new good movies, which did not exist before. You can also change its assessment of some of the films that were already in the list, and move them to higher positions. In any case, the list will change. But this does not mean that the films that were formerly in high positions, while moving to the lower will be poor. Just came films that deserve a higher valuation. " Peter Meyers, Moz officer, gave recommendations for webmasters and SEO-experts: Check whether your content to your users' needs - whether it is accurate, relevant, and whether the examination shall indicate in the subject. For those sites that have already got under Core Updates earlier are more likely to progress in subsequent updates. Therefore, we must closely monitor the situation. Google constantly updates its estimates and there is a chance that after the next update of the resource positions improve. Look for sites that show good results and try to understand how they serve their core audience. What distinguishes them from other resources in this subject. Peter Meyers also has & nbsp; Analysis & nbsp; January renewal of the Google algorithm. If you read carefully our blog, you'll notice & nbsp; column & nbsp; SEO-expert Jaroslav Rushkovskogo "What happened after the January updates search algorithm Google». Sites with TLS 1.0 / 1.1 will receive a warning from the Google Search Console Tools Search Console sent out a warning to those webmasters on sites that use TLS 1.1 and below. Since January the Chrome browser (version 79) will begin to tag resources such as "unprotected", and in March, Chrome (version 81) will begin to show full-page warning to these sites. The top 10 will not be duplicates Another update on Google. From January 22 will not appear on the first page of search results sites that fall into the unit with the answer (featured snippet or snippet elected). Anecdotal reports that Featured Snippets have had their regular organic results pushed back to top of page 2. Can confirm case-by-case, but will dig in deeper. - Dr. Pete Meyers (@dr_pete) January 22, 2020 Video tutorials on Search Console In January, new series, which will help you quickly master the service Google Search Console on the Google Ads will only be a uniform method for display at the beginning of Google year said that they can only use the standard delivery of advertising from April Google Ads advertisers to new media, smart Display Network campaigns, campaigns for applications and video campaigns. This method is already being used for shopping and search campaigns. The Google Ads blog reported that all of the current advertising campaign with the accelerated method of display will be switched on even with May 2020. Recall that for a uniform method of display is taken into account the expected effectiveness of advertising during the day, which makes it more suitable for maximum results within your daily budget. More details on the uniform method of display advertising, see the & nbsp; Google Help Revenues from advertising increased by 16% in 2019. Google earned $ 134.8 billion from advertising. This is 15.7% more than in 2018. The report provided the Alphabet Group, which Google is a member. Revenue on Google's own resources increased by 17%, reaching $ 113.3 billion. This includes advertising on YouTube turnover amounted to 15.1 billion, which is 36% higher than a year earlier. Data on YouTube has disclosed for the first time. Revenue from advertising on partner network resources increased by 7% - to $ 21.5 billion Google's total revenue was $ 160.7 billion (+ 18%).. Thus, advertising has brought the company 84% of revenue (previous year 85%). More information can be found & nbsp; here Updates Google Data Studio In January, the service Google Data Studio & nbsp; presented & nbsp; a few updates. Now, users can add in the visualization of reports from third-party developers. You can find them in the Community Gallery. To add an element in the report, you need to: Open the report in edit mode. On the toolbar, click the «Community visualizations and components». In the dialog box, press the «+ Explore more», to open the Community Gallery. Select the visualization you want to add to the report. Also Report Gallery in Data Studio has added 10 new reports in the section Featured (here includes those reports and templates that liked the service administration), dozens of visualizations created by users (Community Visualizations) as well as an updated section with templates of reports from the community (Community tab) . The Data Studio Report Gallery has been updated to include 10 new feature reports, dozens featuring community visualizations and a refreshed community reports section. Visualize it. #measure - Google Analytics (@googleanalytics) January 31, 2020 Back in January, the Google & nbsp; add & nbsp; several new features in the Service Data Center (Data Center). Now it is possible to schedule the sending of reports by email through a custom schedule and more frequently updated data source for a number of connectors: Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner Cloud Storage To create a custom dispatch schedule you want to open a report, click the «Share», select «Schedule email delivery», and then - «Custom». Then specify the day or period. Read more here. We fixed the problem with verification in the GSC via Tag Manager Developers Google Webmasters eliminated the problem of verification in Search Console via Tag Manager. Due to an error sites lose their status of confirmed resources. Webmasters who have used this method of verifying ownership of the site, should be re-pass the verification. WordPress made a "lazy" loading default WordPress development team is preparing to release version 5.4 of the system, which will be released on March 31. The new release will be "lazy" loading (lazy-loading) for all of the default image. All IMG elements will add a new HTML-attribute «loading». Recall that HTML-specification for attribute «loading» is almost completed, and the decision itself is already supported by several browsers, including Chrome and Edge. As a result of this update, the site owners will use JavaScript or no longer need third-party plug-ins for lazy loading images.

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