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Yuri Kopishinsky, CEO BCG agency Experts & nbsp; BCG & nbsp; collected in April the most relevant, what is going on in the internet marketers, web analysts, the PPC and SEO specialists. Slow websites became faster with Google Speed ​​Update AJAX call spend kraulingovy budget Links influence the ranking of sites Quotes will not save on duplicate content Structured data can help improve Google’s search results add new signals to intelligent strategies Facebook has launched a new Google bid management strategy for the new will analyze the Google image analyzes the «no-click behavior» Google introduced a new mobile template Custom Search Slow sites have become faster with Google Speed ​​Update In his blog for webmasters, Google said that the new algorithm Speed ​​Update make the web faster. The company noted that the slow sites became faster by 15-20 percent. Experts “observed improvements on many pages of the internet.” The Speed ​​Update, which enables page speed in mobile search ranking , is now rolling out for all users! More details on Webmaster Central – Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) July 9, 2018
It is known that: The algorithm applies & nbsp; & nbsp; a mobile search; Speed ​​Update affect & nbsp; above all & nbsp; websites with really slow download speed; The algorithm takes into account in ranking & nbsp; & nbsp; minor changes in page loading speed; Sites that were previously loaded quickly, & nbsp; are & nbsp; algorithm affected Speed ​​Update. To measure page load speed is recommended to use the Google tool – & nbsp; Page Speed ​​Insights & nbsp ;, as well as a browser plug-developed Google – & nbsp; Lighthouse Challenge AJAX spend kraulingovy budget Alternate URL-addresses, such as AMP or the hreflang, as well as embedded content, such like CSS and JavaScript, including AJAX calls (ie XHR), can also be scanned in such a case will consume kraulingovy budget. Representatives of the company & nbsp; Google & nbsp; Gary Ilsh said on Twitter: JFYI: based on @ajkohn ‘s recommendation, i added AJAX / XHR calls explicitly to the list of things that will consume your site’s crawl budget.https: // / kVYj6XaNn0 – Gary «鯨 理 / 경리» Illyes (@methode) April 23, 2019
Links influence the ranking of Google sites leading analyst John Mueller explained how the closure of all outgoing links nofollow attribute affects the ranking of sites. According to Mueller sites, including news that close links do not violate the reference graph. This does not affect how the search engines find and rank the sites. He also noted that the ranking uses a lot of signals in addition to links. It is clear that the links remain an important ranking factor. However, if you pay too much attention to the links, it may be less productive approach than focusing on the content. The role of the links in the ranking depends on the context, and a good approach is to strike a balance between content and links. Quotes will not save on duplicate content Search engines do not like duplicate content. Therefore, with this content sites occupy lower positions in the SERP. Unfortunately, unless the text duplicate content highlight quotes and mark that this is a quote from another source, then Google does not discard the enclosed text. One should know that the site will not receive any benefit in issue if a large number of citations used in the text. Structured data to help improve search results structured data to help site: Raise brand awareness. Select content. Select product information. Sites that use structured data, notice that the rich results help users to better understand how pages are relevant to their search. There are several studies that confirm the growing acceptance of structured data in the ecosystem: Eventbrite events using structured data and saw a 100% increase YOY growth typical traffic from the search. Jobrapido is integrated with work experience in a Google search and saw an increase in organic traffic by 115%, increase in the registration of new users by 270% due to organic traffic and reduced bounce Google visitors to a page of vacancies by 15%. Rakuten used a search experience with a prescription and saw an increase in traffic from the search engines in 2.7-fold and increased the duration of the session 1.5. For more details you can read & nbsp; then Google will add new signals to Google smart strategies will add new signals to be taken into account smart bidding strategy for campaigns with advertising applications, and shopping campaigns. There will be three new types of signals: the ratings mobile applications competitive pricing seasonal sales campaigns on innovation can be found in & nbsp; Google Help For example, mobile applications allow ratings to adjust bids based on the content and the number of comments on the advertised application. The price is already included in the list of signals for trading campaigns in Google, but competitiveness is not explicitly mentioned. When will this be considered a signal, Google will be able to optimize your bids based on product price compared to the competition – the other participants in the auction. Low prices, offers and discounts will affect the bidding. Google also will soon take into account seasonal trends in shopping campaigns. It is not known when the work will begin the new signals. Experts believe that innovation will be launched in the coming months. Facebook has launched a new bid management strategy Social network Facebook announced the launch of a new bid management strategy – a price limit (cost cap), which will increase the profitability of advertising and maximize conversion volume, the most important for business. Unlike other bid strategies that help to optimize costs, limit price allows advertisers to set a maximum and comfortable for him the price of conversion or installation. And the system will try to get the highest number of conversions, not to exceed this value. This approach makes it easier to manage your bids, helping to scale the campaign, while maintaining control over costs, and maximizes the return on advertising. Learn more about all the possibilities bid management on Facebook, see the & nbsp; leadership & nbsp; (in English). Google will analyze the new Google Image introduced a new tool from the product line & nbsp; Cloud Vision, which will help to make a detailed analysis of images. Google Cloud Vision API allows users to analyze the images with the help of machine learning. The analysis is performed in seven areas, each of which is highlighted in the results of a separate tab: Web Entities Safe Search This method can include on websites and in apps. Also it can be used to produce very useful information about the image, classified by categories and sub-categories to achieve a deep level of detail. With the application, you can get very useful information about the image, classified by categories and sub-categories to achieve a deep level of detail. More details can be found in & nbsp; Article & nbsp; in SearchEngineJournal. Google analyzes the «no-click behavior» Google can learn a lot, even if the user does not press on the site. Path Interactive company conducted a study of the phenomenon of ‘results without clicks “polled 1,400 users from different countries. Most users do not click on advertisements. Young audience uses advice without clicks, and users older than seeking answers from other organic links, not trusting ready advice. Google has introduced a new mobile template Custom Search Custom Search Custom Search has introduced a new mobile template. Now the user has become easier to find information. Webmasters can customize the appearance of the search box and results pages to the style of the site, to promote the results, analyze the behavior of users, connected systems with Google Analytics. What has changed: The search box is now more accurate and clearer. thumbnail size increased. Pagination has been simplified. In addition, site owners can disable changes to mobile devices by setting the attribute «mobileLayout» searcher element to “disabled”.

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