Internet advertising market in US grew by 9%, while many others have failed: the forecast for 2020

Quarantine unleashed an advertising market of US. Many companies were forced to reduce and optimize budgets. But Internet advertising has been able to survive the crisis relatively painlessly. Moreover, according to the updated forecast All-american Advertising Coalition (WRC) on July 2020 the amount of digital advertising in US has increased by 9%. So, specialized industrial associations and media experts took part in the traditional summing up the results of six months. After interviewing RMC was also able to compare the advertising market volume forecast unchanged as compared to those who did it in December 2019. The amount of advertising media market of US 2020: Table volume of the advertising market of US 2020. Source: All-american Advertising Coalition (WRC)
The table shows that COVID-19 most of the world pandemic, the impact was reflected in advertising in cinemas, due to a temporary suspension of work establishments. Also there is a significant reduction in advertising volumes in OOH Media and print media. Slight stagnation is in the radio segment. Their volume of advertising have not changed in comparison with 2019 year. With regard to Internet advertising, there is the rise to 9%. If the current trend to increase market volumes will take place gradually until the end of the year. It will affect banner, Adaptive Display, contextual and search advertising. Important! Read BCG cases as adaptive display ads brought + 75% conversions and how dynamic creatives in the Facebook Ads helped increase conversions by 64% of the market volume of marketing services of US 2020: Table Basis for Marketing services market assessment by the International Association of Marketing Initiatives (MAMI), except expert survey also rating agencies, marketing services according to their income. Market volumes of marketing services of US 2020. Source: All-american Advertising Coalition (WRC)
In December 2019 projected market growth of marketing services, but the pandemic has made its plans. More than four months quarantine the whole market decreased by 21%. The largest decrease is observed in the field of marketing event, since it provides for a “contact” means of communication. In the new reality of a pandemic coronavirus persist trends in online events. Services are increasingly using the AR and VR technology, as well as the rapid push-activity. Also, the focus has shifted to the development of personalized communication and individual approach to customers. The relatively stable situation is observed in the market PR. Projected volumes for December 2019 and July 2020 are almost identical. Some businesses are even allowed themselves to give up other media channels, and bet it on PR communication. Conclusions communication and advertising market of US affected by the pandemic. However, the business does not lose optimism and gradually adapt to the new realities. Hardened previous crises companies reallocate advertising budgets, optimize their campaign and are actively using online advertising tools. If you have not already, read expert articles about how to optimally allocate the budget for advertising in pandemic

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