How to Make Money with YouTube

Today Youtube is not only a platform for entertainment where one can watch videos about cats, celebrities, or travels. This is a place where many people, from travel enthusiasts to entrepreneurs, find themselves and make money with it. They share their knowledge and experience in a compelling and accessible form and receive financial rewards for creating such content.

So, this article will reveal methods of how to make money by creating Youtube content.

1. YouTube Affiliate Program

This is one of the most popular and simplest ways to make money on YouTube. In this case, you do not create an advertisement itself; you give permission to place it. You choose when, where, and how ads will be included in your videos. For example, whether it will be an advertisement only at the beginning of a video or whether it can pop up at any time; whether it will be possible to skip it or one has to watch it till the end, etc.

While you cannot select a specific ad to display, YouTube strictly selects advertisements and does not allow videos about illegal goods or services.

In this way, you can earn on Google Adsense ads and/or YouTube Premium subscriptions. Additionally, if your video is viewed by a user who pays for an ad-free subscription, YouTube will share a percentage of the subscription cost with you.

For you to be able to monetize your content as a YouTube partner, your channel needs to meet two main requirements:

  • Having at least 1000 subscribers
  • Having at least 4000 hours of video views over the last year

In general, these are quite realistic requirements to meet, especially if you already have a channel and post videos from time to time.

How do you know if you can already monetize your videos with an affiliate program?

In your Youtube Studio, a green dollar icon will appear next to the videos, and when you upload a new video, you will be asked for information about the ad formats and their number.

How much and what does Youtube pay for?

First of all, YouTube doesn’t pay for all the views, it pays for commercial views – when the advertiser’s goal is achieved. This means if the viewer, while watching your video, immediately skips an ad or closes a tab, you will not receive money.

There is no fixed cost for the number of impressions since it depends on a combination of factors like:

  • channel niche
  • audience (geographic location, its demand among advertisers)
  • video quality and coverage
  • the number of commercial ad impressions
  • type of advertisement, depth of its views by users, quantity, etc.

On average, bloggers with an English-speaking audience earn $ 7.60 per 1000 views. You can withdraw the earned money when your income exceeds $100.

In a nutshell, although this is an easy way to monetize videos on YouTube, it is not very profitable.

2. YouTube Ad Integrations

This is another popular way of monetizing among YouTube content creators. You advertise a product or brand and get paid for it.

This can be done in several ways.

  • Product placement. This means you advertise a brand’s products without direct naming it. For example, during your video, you drink coffee from a cup with a clearly visible logo or corporate colors of a particular brand that you are advertising.
  • Recommendation or review. You advertise something that you have personally used and can share your experience; for example, you are reviewing a new device.
  • Native advertising. This is an ad created in such a way that it arouses interest in the same way as the content itself because it is integrated into the video as naturally as possible.
  • Advertising insert. This comes when an ad that is not related to the subject of the video and is integrated into it with the help of special mention that this is an advertisement.
  • Marking ad integrations. To do this, when uploading a video, in your personal Youtube account you need to check the box next to the option “Video contains paid advertising.” It is important not to overload the video with ads (if you do not check this box, YouTube will add its own ads in addition to yours).

Where to find advertisers?

The number of subscribers you have on a channel makes your channel attractive to advertisers but this varies by niche.

If you have a narrow-topic channel with a target audience necessary for an advertiser, you will need to have several thousands of subscribers.

If you are just growing a channel, you can try to take part in advertising exchanges. This way, you can be chosen for advertising integrations, and after completing the order, the exchange will transfer the payment to you, and take 5-15% of the commission for itself. Media networks also help in finding advertisers, if you work with them. 

Well, many brands also directly contact bloggers of interest.

The main advantage of this method of monetization is a high level of income.

But keep in mind that while doing this:

  • You need to know your audience very well in order to preliminarily evaluate which advertising will work for them.
  • You will have to spend time negotiating and discussing the terms of cooperation if you work with the advertiser directly.
  • There is a risk of losing audience loyalty if you fail to deliver quality ads or contact an advertiser with a bad reputation.

3. Adding Affiliate Links

You’ve probably seen videos where a blogger first makes an advertisement and then asks to place an order using the link specified in the description for the video. This is affiliate marketing when a blogger earns a commission from each purchase made when a customer uses her/his referral link. In this case, a Youtube channel owner is not paid for the advertising integration itself – only for its results in the form of the number of orders and their average check. 

The blogger’s commission depends on the conditions of the affiliate program and can reach 20-70% from each order.

It is important not to overuse such links as you can lose the audience’s loyalty. It is better to find 2-3 partners and cooperate with them on an ongoing basis than to look for new ones all the time.

Bottom line

Blogging on YouTube is a long-term game. You won’t be able to earn a lot here at the beginning. Even after 1-2 years of active blogging, there is no guarantee you will make a decent income. Therefore, at first, you can only count on a small ad income with Adsense, which is more likely to be a bonus for your efforts than a decent payment for your work. But if you are ready for a long-term investment, Youtube can be a rewarding tool.