Google is testing a new tool to work with content – Search Console Insights

Google announced that it has started beta testing a new tool to work with content – Search Console Insights. The function is aimed at authors and publishers. It will provide information on how users interact with publications, which will improve the materials. The instrument will use the data from the Search Console and Google Analytics. This will allow the user to keep track of how the path to a particular content, and the extent to which it is like to this user.
The types of information that can be obtained from the Search Console Insights: what content on the site is the most popular; Do users of new publications on the site; where users come to the page with content – from search, recommendation, partner sites and other pages on the site, etc .;. for some key requests users find material; what are the key questions are gaining popularity in the search; on what resources contain links to the publisher’s content or any of them were published recently. As soon Google promises to make the feature available for a wide range of publishers. At this stage in the testing instrument involved only some webmasters who have received special invitations.

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