Google integrates with IAB Europe TCF v2.0

On August 15, 2020 Google ad system has been integrated with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. The new framework is necessary to harmonize the protection of personal data of users of the laws. This will help all parties in the chain of digital advertising GDPR comply with the requirements and EU Directive on privacy in the collection and processing of information.

In particular, with regard to the cookie, advertising identifier, devices and other tracking technologies. Integration with IAB Europe TCF v2.0 will apply to the ads that Google displays on the inventory of publishers. In the company’s inventory everything will remain the same, that is, obtain consent will be by his decision. To go to Google’s new framework will provide partners a 90-day grace period from the date of inclusion. During this time, the owners of the account will be able to make the necessary adjustments or to ask for help in technical support.

However, the company noted that the work of marketers and publishers integration will have no effect. Moreover, by making the necessary settings to control the advertising technology providers (publishers) or by using functional Google Ads and Display & amp; Video 360 (for marketers), partners can continue to work with Google without TCF v2.0. Recall that Google has been closely involved in the development of TCF v2.0 as a member of the working group TCF Working Group.

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