Google has made a free product placement in the Shopping section

In the near future there will be the opportunity to place products to Google Shopping search results. Until the end of the month, this change will be available in the United States, and by the end of the year – and around the world. The launch will begin next week. Then the results of search results to Google Shopping unit will consist mainly of the free product lists. While advertisers can further customize the campaign paid now SEO-experts in the same way will be able to use this unit as one of the tools of organic website promotion. The Google solution is attributed to the fact that digital commerce has become a lifeline for both sellers and consumers. But the companies that are trying to survive in a time of crisis, generally can not afford a paid product placement in Google Shopping. “Now when consumers buy mostly online and search on the Internet, not only things of prime necessity, but also toys, clothing, household goods, it enables companies to incur losses, to reconnect with them. But many can not afford to do so. […] Thanks to the hundreds of millions of Google searches every day, we know that many retailers have in stock ready to ship products that people need, but are not available online. ” Along with this change, Google has begun a partnership with PayPal. Sellers may link their accounts in the payment system account in the service, which the company said in a blog, it accelerates the process of registration. It is alleged that the block Shopping «mainly» will consist of free lists, but also paid and will be displayed at a prominent place at the top of the unit. In addition, paid listings are the only ones that will be seen in the carousel ads on Google search. We can assume that the same applies to other product listings that are displayed outside the Shopping Unit, for example, in Gmail. Existing Merchant Center users do not have to do anything extra to take advantage of free lists. And for retailers who are not familiar with the service, the registration process in the coming weeks will be optimized.

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