Google expert explained why the key words in the singular and plural are ranked differently

Are you faced with the fact that the numbers used in the different key request leads the user to a different page of your site? A hangout for webmasters a leading analyst John Mueller said Google, why this is so the difference in the rankings of keywords in different grammatical numbers analyze the examples that have been presented in a video call. Examples: One of the webmasters faced with the fact that one and the same query in different numbers of search engine offers the user a different page of its website: on request «garden sheds Sydney» in the plural. h & nbsp.; ranked category page; on request «garden shed Sydney» in units. h. The publication ranked blog. Why is this happening? In some cases, the search engine treats the requests as different, even if they are synonymous. In contrast, the only form of plural keywords may also indicate to the user’s desire to compare several service providers or an intention to find a single product. Also recall that in May 2020 began a massive upgrade of the basic algorithm Google May 2020 Core Update. A detailed interpretation and evaluation of renovation SEO-community can be found in our material

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