5 Free SEO Tools for 2021

Looking for some free SEO Tools that work great? You have come to the right place. Here’s a list of 5 free SEO Tools that will help improve any website to rank higher on Google Search.

Table of Contents

  • Connect a Website to Google.
  • Speed test a website.
  • Learn more keywords.
  • Preview page in search results.
  • Get found on Google Maps.
  • Bonus 10 More Free SEO Tools

In case you are wondering what SEO or Search Engine Optimization stands for, here is a great explanation.

Otherwise, let’s dive straight into Number 1…

Free Seo Tools # 1. Google Search Console

Google has a wide range of excellent SEO tools that are free but the Google Search Console is surely the best place to start. A Google Account is required but once registered you can:

  • Submit a Sitemap
  • Obtain valuable website analysis
  • Receive alerts whenever errors occur
  • View keywords that were searched to find your website.
Free Seo Tools Google Search Console
Google Search Console’s dashboard is clean and easy to use.

Although some technical skills are required to get started this short tutorial on YouTube should help guide you through. It goes for around 10 minutes but the last few minutes will provide some insight into submitting your sitemap.

For a text tutorial, this Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console by Hubspot is about 20 minutes long but covers absolutely everything.

Submitting a sitemap ensures Google is indexing all of your sites pages. If you need a Sitemap, visit XLM Sitemap where you can create one in less than 60 seconds.

The Google Search Console is free for all Google Account holders. You can learn how to create a Google Account here.

Free Seo Tools # 2. Pingdom

Website speed is one of the most critical SEO factors in Google’s page ranking algorithm.

So it’s no surprise that Google has a great free tool to measure it. It’s called Page Insights, which rates for both Mobile and Desktop speeds out of 100.

But another free SEO tool worth trying is Swedish-based Pingdom which not only offers a free way to test the speed of any website you can also:

  • Test from 7 locations across the World
  • Easily see what problems need fixing
  • Obtain an overall rating out of 100
Free Seo Tools Inwood Motors Pingdom Website Test Example

For demonstration purposes, I typed in the home page for Inwood Motors, an auto mechanic in Bathurst, New South Wales. I then selected Sydney to ‘Test from’ as the report will be more relevant as opposed to testing in say Frankfurt, Germany. I then click ‘Start Test’…

Pingdom Test Results Inwood Motors

Within a few seconds I get an easy to read report that includes:

  • A Performance grade (70 of 100)
  • Current Page Size (3.1 MB)
  • Current Page Load Time (2.75s from Sydney)
  • List of Suggestions to improve speed

Most experts would consider 2.75 seconds to be a pass. Between 3-5 seconds suggests a little bit of tweaking but anything over 5 seconds is a disaster and may require some wholesale corrections.

What makes Pingdom’s Speed Test Tool so easy for beginners is that you get a section like this when you scroll down further on the report.

Pingdom How to Speed Up Website Errors

As you can see in the above picture, Pingdom’s report includes a school-like grading system. F meaning there is an error and by simply clicking on the subsequent arrow you can get more information about the problem at hand.

Learn more on why website speed is so important here.

Tip for Beginners

Let’s say Inwood Motors wanted to fix some of these errors and didn’t know where to begin. They could submit this list to a ‘website expert’. When the invoice arrives they could then jump back on to Pingdom and compare their results to the the original test report.

Here is an Ultimate guide to Pingdom’s Speed Test tool (about 10 mins) which will help you understand more about the performance indicators and how to improve them.

Pingdom does offer some paid plans but this tool requires no sign up, offers unlimited searches and is completely free.

“Google themselves have shown in a study that the bounce rate nearly doubles when the loading time of a page rises over 5 seconds.”

Source: Think With Google

Free Seo Tools # 3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that focuses on finding solid new keywords for any topic or industry. The report below which I got when I searched for Cafes in Melbourne includes:

  • A list of alternative Keywords to use
  • Cost per click for advertising each Keyword
  • Volume of searches last month
  • A difficulty rating for ranking in that keyword
Free Seo Tool Ubersuggest Keyword Search Cafe in Melbourne

Choose your topic or enter a website URL. Both options give you great keyword ideas. Below is an example of searching a topic.

I also suggest testing out a competitors website in the URL secton. You will soon know more about their website than they do. There’s a great article here by softwarepundit.

Ubersuggest results for Cafes in Melbourne

So the above screenshot tells me that it costs on average $1.65 per click to advertise for the keyword “cafes in melbourne” and was searched 8100 times last month.

And I can also find alternatives that are much cheaper and according to the blue column on the right much easier to rank in organically.

There are lots of SEO Tools available that charge $50+ per month for a fraction of the data that Ubersuggest provides for free. This three-minute video will run you through the basics and show you how to find plenty of great new keywords.

Ubersuggest is completely free and requires no sign ups. For a detailed strategy on how tofind solid keywords click here.

Keyword Bonus

Looking for new keyword ideas? Try Googling a topic like Cafes in Melbourne. Every listing under the Related Searches near the bottom is being searched. If you want to know how often…type it into Ubersuggest.


Free Seo Tools # 4. SERP Simulator

SERP Simulator is a tool that provides a Google snippet preview so you can check out how title tags and meta descriptions are displayed in search results.

Simply fill in the three text fields with the relevant details and the snippet automatically populates in the box at the bottom.

Free Seo Tool Search-Engine-Preview-Tool-01

The Serp Simulator works for desktop and mobile and provides a valuable preview of how Google will display your page to searchers.

SERP Simulator final example

The SERP Simulator is entirely free and requires no sign ups.

Free Seo Tools #5. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing that acts like a modern-day Yellow Pages and is directly linked with Google Maps.

It’s now an essential SEO Tool for all local businesses because:

  • Get found on Google Maps
  • Compete against other local businesses
  • Collect customer reviews
  • Post free advertisements
  • Get more calls, visits and website traffic.

To give you an example I’ve searched Google for Real Estate Agents in Hobart, Tasmania. Notice how Google Maps is the first section to be displayed and that only three businesses are labeled.

Google Search Hobart Real Estates

Just so happens to be the same three businesses that fill the top 3 spots on Google’s search listings as seen below.

The coveted Top 3 positions are often referred to as the Local 3 Packand on average attract 44% of all the clicks.

Google Search Results Hobart Real Estate

Despite being one of the best free SEO Tools available, 56% of all businesses still haven’t claimed their listing. So there’s still time to get ahead of the game.

If you haven’t claimed yours yet read our Definitive Guide to Google My Business here.

92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.

Bradley Shaw, SEOExpertBrad

The aim here was to bring you 5 of the best free SEO Tools from around the world and to show how they can be used for better search results.

We’d love to hear from all the Aussies out there.

If you know of any Free SEO Tools that are worth testing please leave comment below.

10 BONUS SEO Tools

As promised, here are 10 more free SEO Tools that are free to use.

  1. SimilarWeb
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Keyword Everywhere
  4. Google Page Insights
  5. Keyworddit
  6. Answer the Public
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Ahrefs Backlink Checker
  9. Hunter.io
  10. WhiteSpark Googe Review Link Generator

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