Facebook Shops

Today it is once again taking a step forward to face the dramatic situation generated by the pandemic of covid-19. Since many small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to close their stores because of the serious economic impact of this pandemic, Facebook has decided to support them by launching Facebook Shops. The aim of this new venture is none other than to allow these small entrepreneurs to open their online stores. They are already working to make this new experience a success, both for the owner of an online store and for their customers.

Are you interested in this new facebook feature and do you want to know more about it?

If so, don’t miss this post, because you will discover what this new Facebook application consists of and how it can benefit you.

How Facebook Shops work

Businesses will be able to create a single online store that will appear on both Facebook and Instagram. If you decide to create an online store, it will not be complicated at all, since you can do it for free and in a very simple way.

You can upload to the online catalog all the products you want to sell and your customers can choose the products they want to buy without even going through the online store. Of course, when they are going to pay for their purchase, they will have no choice but to visit it. In addition, you can also customize it with the corporate colors of your brand and a cover image.

The Shops on facebook app will be visible to everyone on Facebook business pages and Instagram profiles, but they can also be displayed in stories or in ads. In addition, it will also be connected to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct, which will be used as a customer service to answer your questions and follow up with you. But also, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg has stated that in the future it will also be possible to buy directly in a chat from these platforms. It will be quite a breakthrough!

Functionalities of Instagram Shops
Stores on Instagram will be a new experience of discovering and shopping online for products that users might like the most on Instagram Explore. It will be possible to browse products by brand and influencer selections or filter by category. And later, a new tab will be added to the navigation bar that will allow people to go directly to Shops on Instagram with a single click.

Helping SMEs to encourage live shopping.
At the moment many companies upload videos of their products on Instagram to promote them, with the idea of getting those who view them to then go to the online store to buy them.

But in a few months this will be history, because they are working with the possibility that users can buy them in real time. This will be possible because you, as a seller, will be able to tag the products in your online store before publishing them. In addition, they will appear below the videos so that your customers will only have to tap on them to learn more about them or buy them.

Support for businesses with loyalty programs
Also being tested is the possibility of connecting to the Facebook account of companies the loyalty programs they offer to their customers. The idea is that you will be able to create and manage these programs in Facebook Shops. We are also working on the idea of allowing users to keep track of the points they have earned and the rewards they have earned.

Partnerships with large organizations
To support entrepreneurs in their new online adventure, very useful agreements are being reached with prestigious organizations, among them we can mention:

Channel Advisor
Ced Commerce
Cloud Store
All these great organizations will provide entrepreneurs, who decide to start their Internet experience, with great tools to manage their online business more easily.

Hopefully all this help from Facebook will help businesses to better withstand the dire consequences of covid 19 and get their future on track.