Facebook launches free service Shops, to help small businesses sell online

Facebook launches free service Shops, which will help the audience access to the online shop on Facebook and Instagram. This means that any vendor, regardless of size or budget, can connect their business to the service and to contact customers when and where it suits them. In a live broadcast about how Facebook helps businesses survive the crisis, its head Mark Zuckerberg told in detail about the new functionality and noted that participated in its elaboration. User Facebook Shops activity will not be transferred to friends, profile, or channel, if the user chooses not to share. It provides enhanced privacy settings so that users feel comfortable when browsing products and making purchases. For example, will be able to send items of interest to a friend or through WhatsApp Messenger or add it to your story Instagram. When viewing the company store, the owner will be able to obtain general information about the performance and store traffic, but no personally identifiable information, such as name or e-mail address that can be used to identify or contact you. If the user did not give permission to do so. As with other services Facebook will use the user’s activity Shops Facebook, to personalize and deliver more relevant content, including advertising. This means that the activity on Facebook and Instagram may affect what polzovtel see in Shops, and vice versa. For example, if a user browses Bicycle Shops collections, he can see all the content, including advertising, of the bicycles in the film, stories and other places. When using the Shops may make purchases on the website of the store or directly to Facebook or Instagram, if the seller has included Facebook Pay (yet available in the US). BCG experts monitor all actual novelties and know exactly how to get new customers online. If you want to detailsadd learn about advertising opportunities on Facebook and Instagram for your business, leave application and delegate it to us!

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