Coronavirus digest: what measures are being taken in the fight against tehnogiganty COVID-19

Without exaggeration, coronavirus problem affected all countries and the impact on all spheres of human life, including the economic. Under the distribution were small companies, and tehnogiganty. But pleased that they are taking active measures to overcome COVID-19 to survive the quarantine period and equally easy for both health and for the purse. BCG team also joined in the fight, and invites all its customers to optimize service packages for CRO, SEO and PPC with nice discounts. Details can be found by sending an & nbsp; application for rendering & nbsp; or contact your project-manager directly. Issues a search & nbsp; detailed recommendations and tips videos, request “coronavirus”. Introduced a temporary ban on the advertising of medical masks because of the situation with the coronavirus. In the Google Play & nbsp; exclude & nbsp; the ability to search applications on demand “coronavirus” and «COVID-19.” Google Ads, and Google My Business reported to advertisers about the delay responses from support. Some methods of communication will be temporarily unavailable, but it can still appeal to the chat. Recommendations & nbsp; for the companies in the Google My Business. It provides free access to the functions and G Suite G Suite for Education. You will see the possibility of a free business streams, conference call recording and save the video call. Also prohibit the advertising of medicines and masks that promise to cure a coronavirus. The company communicates with the authorities, helping to find a scam, and bans their accounts. It helps in the spread of the virus research, providing its own collected data. Together with the Ministry of Health launched a service of instant awareness of the coronavirus in US. Now, the americans will be notified with relevant and reliable information. Also promotes the free positions by WHO with information about coronavirus and other local organizations responsible for health. In countries with poor epidemiological situation shows a special insert in the news feed for additional information. Removes feykovye news and sends to ban accounts that they publish. Suspicious posts may direct partners to authenticate facts. According hashtag #coronavirus page shows links WHO and & nbsp; pages of other local health organizations. Looking for queries related to the topic of the coronavirus, displays in the top Unicef ​​and WHO recommendations. Disabled monetization rollers of coronavirus. Then he gave it back, but only for a thoroughly reliable sources. Removes feykovye video of coronavirus. The company also promotes the free information materials about the coronavirus from the government and charities. In countries with poor epidemiological situation specific information blocks of coronavirus running. & Nbsp; to increase the maximum possible number of participants of group calls twice. & Nbsp; block users who spread false information about coronavirus. & Nbsp; marks false information about coronavirus and provides links to official resources. & Nbsp; I added a video to a free version of Microsoft Teams and removed restrictions related to the number of users. abolition of restrictions on the number of users in the free rate, to help employees of companies to establish telecommuting under quarantine. And once again about the good China was the first to successfully cope with the disease and now establishes normal functioning of its economy. A striking example – Amazon, which & nbsp;. In connection with the increased demand for further & nbsp; employs & nbsp; 100 thousand employees and spends $ 350 million to increase their salary. Also with Amazon removed more than a million products that promise healing of coronavirus. And they threatened to sellers who too have increased prices of medical masks, removal from the site. As we can see, the Internet trade in a quarantine is developing extremely rapidly, which again speaks in favor of the fact that companies need to continue to engage in & nbsp; Internet marketing

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