Competitor analysis Guide

SEMrush has developed¬† guide “How to Conduct a competitor analysis in the Internet”, which will help you understand what your competitors are doing. An important element for the creation and adaptation of the marketing strategy for today is the analysis of competitors. It helps to be relevant even in the face of rapid change. In addition, understanding the competition strategy has the advantage of creating a unique product for the customer.

Here are some ideas on how to start learning competitors. To do this, consider the following components:

How to start competitor research

  • Traffic on competitor’s website
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content marketing and PR
  • Presence in social networks

Competitor’s traffic

One of the first important step is analyse the competitors’ traffic on their sites. This will help you learn about the effectiveness of the promotion in recent months, as well as whether there had been any changes in that time.

When creating a marketing strategy important competitor analysis in the context of the study of the most popular channels of promotion. This will show you trends and seasonal changes. After the first review of traffic to their sites, you can narrow down the analysis. It lets you focus on your closest competitors.

An important element for the analysis of competitors is considered to identify any trends and seasonal changes. It is this information will help identify the causes of the traffic changes at competitors’ websites.

Analysis of competitors’ SEO

If you are interested in a long term marketing strategy, you need to include in the analysis of competitors SEO promotion of their sites. Improving the position of the site in the search results gives a constant increase in visitors to the site and there is an important element of the analysis. To do this, look at the position of competitors’ sites.

A good way to start doing it – analyze the appearance of every day. These steps will help you to know the following information about your competitors: Top key requests The average search traffic most viewed page A similar analysis will help to optimize your campaign and your content allows you to choose the right keywords. Internet advertising your competitors do not need to reinvent the wheel to run a successful advertising campaign. It is normal to look at your competitors’ ads, to find inspiration for your future campaigns.

Paid advertising

Analysis of Internet advertising your competitors can help you find useful information such as the number of keywords, offering bets on the average traffic of the keyword estimated cost of paid traffic sites with which to compete your competitors historical data for the analysis of seasonal changes in your ads competition resulting knowledge can help you identify opportunities that may be missing from your competitors, or even the specific markets in which you can go out. You can even use this data to explore new ways to increase return on investment, the choice of different keywords to try out new channels and audiences.

Content marketing and PR

If you want to improve your marketing strategy content, then you should see what your competitors are doing with the content and PR standpoint. You can analyze the mention of its competitors in the Internet, social media presence and their overall reputation and the number of backlinks to a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

An analysis of their content marketing and PR-efforts can help you understand your target audience. For example, if you want to reach a very specific audience, and your competitors have already created too much content and are popular, you can explore the missing segments that you can aim. This may be a new channel, a new type of content or the possibility of lateral thinking. You can also be inspired by their tactics of content marketing and customize them to suit your purposes.

Social media

The presence of competitors in the social networks can tell a lot about a marketing strategy. Imagine the look of your competitors’ presence on social networks! The analysis of your competitors may include a more thorough analysis of the social networks of your competitors, their frequency of publication, the level of involvement and the most popular channels. This can help you understand how you can stand out, learning from the mistakes of competitors. Whether it’s Tone of voice, situational publication received viral in nature, or even the use of the new channel, there are many good ideas that you can learn and apply to their own strategies.

What conclusions follow from this? Immediately after you understand what marketing strategies of your competitors, it’s time to make the most of this knowledge, correcting its own.

How you can use the data?

Here are a few ideas from SEMrush team:

  • Reevaluate their criteria and results based on your goals
  • Compare your marketing strategy and tactics of your competitors
  • Turn to understand your target audience
  • Be flexible and open to changes
  • Share knowledge with others

Competitor analysis can help you to achieve short and long term goals for your business. Begin by looking at the different strategies and channels and make sure that you have gathered all the data, to evaluate their own performance.

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