what are the best free logo makers?

Creative and attractive logos are essential for brands looking to gain a place in their audience’s memory.

According to figures from Review42, Brand Awareness is the priority for 89% of marketers. And the logo is one of the most important elements in brand awareness.

But often, the cost of a professional designer’s work doesn’t fit the budget of a start-up company.

The good news is that you can use a free logo maker and thus direct your budget to more vital issues related to the operation of your brand, such as social media marketing or the production line. An online logo maker is an excellent option for those who want to see their project come to life, but need to save money.

Here is a list of the top free tools to create logos that look really professional and attractive.


When it comes to free logo creators, Canva stands out for offering a large number of professional-level templates, ready to be used and with countless customization options.

You can start a design from scratch or choose ready-to-use templates; you’ll enjoy variety in:

  • Fonts,
  • Colors,
  • Icons,
  • Filters,
  • Animations,
  • And other elements that will help you define your brand identity.

This online logo creator has a very intuitive and easy to use interface: just click, drag and drop the elements.

This makes it possible for anyone using this tool to create great designs, even without a deep knowledge of graphic design, since its artificial intelligence tool makes suggestions to maintain symmetry and recommends color palettes.

Best of all, the variety offered by the company is not limited to creating logos. You can use Canva for free to create different categories of designs, from business cards and letterheads to social media posts.

Entrepreneurs who prefer to do everything via their smartphones or tablets can download the Canva app for free and unleash their imagination wherever they are.

The logos created are saved to your profile and can be edited later. Moreover, this is one of the only tools that provides your logo with options other than PNG. After finishing your creation, you can download the files for free in the following formats: PNG, JPG, standard or printable PDF.


Zyro is one of the best website builders on the market and also has its own free logo maker with simplicity as its strong point.

Its interface has only what is necessary for logo creation: space for the name, space for the tagline, a small selection of fonts and the ability to insert an icon.

This approach that encourages minimalist designs along with intuitive and easy-to-use tools make Zyro an excellent choice for those who have never had experience with graphic arts.

When you’re done creating your company logo, you can generate and download a PNG file without a background, making it easy to use and apply in other editing tools.

Zyro also has another range of artificial intelligence tools for entrepreneurs, namely:

Heat maps,
Slogan generator,
Image scaler,
Background Remover,
That among many other tools that will make your tasks easier.

#3 FREE LOGO MAKER: Envato Placeit

Envato Placeit is a design platform that offers a large collection of ready-to-use professional templates. This online logo maker allows you to edit and customize according to your preferences.

There are thousands of options that can be edited in countless different ways. You will even find animated logo options that can be used in videos.

The main advantage of using their service is the possibility of having static and animated templates ready to use. That is, in addition to creating your simple logo, it is possible to develop all your business stationery, visual identity, publications for social networks, videos and much more.

It is worth mentioning that it is a widely used solution for its gamer logo creator style, which many streamers and fans use to give themselves an identity.


In Crello you can use their free logo maker, although you can also create other visual resources such as cards, posters, banners and much more.

Like Canva, its editor is based on the old drag-and-drop technology, which makes it suitable for people of any level of design knowledge, from basic to advanced.

Just jump in and start creating from visual elements provided by the tool itself. Customize them as you prefer and, if you need to, you can quickly upload your creations to social networks with a couple of clicks.


An excellent image editor that also offers a practical and simple alternative for creating logos is Fotor.

All the functionalities to develop fantastic visual identities are present in this platform: graphics, texts, stylized fonts, backgrounds and a great variety of ready-to-use templates.

Its interface is very intuitive, which is important for inexperienced users who want to create professional-quality logos.

Getting started on the site is very simple, just open the editor, create a new project and look for the “Logo” category. From there, all that remains is to find the ready-to-use template that best suits your business and customize it to make it original and attractive.

#6 FREE LOGO MAKER:SquareSpace

SquareSpace has a free logo maker that can generate high-resolution files, something that not all of the options on this list can achieve.

The company, whose flagship is the website creation and hosting service, today also offers a great tool to create free logos to complement its service to digital entrepreneurs.

The logo maker for YouTube and other platforms from SquareSpace has basic features such as a collection of icons to use with the name and tagline, a grid for aligning elements and a preview of the logo applied to some elements in the footer.

This keeps the tool from scaring off inexperienced users, but ensures the possibility of developing refined and effective designs.

Once you have finished creating your logo, you can save and download it as a background without PNG and as a PNG with black and white or negative application.

# 7 FREE LOGO MAKER: Hatchful

Did you know that online store builder Shopify also offers a logo maker?

Hatchful is a free online tool that helps Ecommerce entrepreneurs create an identity for their stores, although anyone can use it.

It doesn’t have as many customization features as some of its competitors, but it guides its users on a simplified creation journey. All with the seal of approval from Shopify, the platform with which it is integrated.

Using Hatchful is very simple: define your business segment, select up to 3 artistic styles, enter your company name and tagline, and then choose practical uses for the logo. From there, the tool will generate a series of ready-to-use custom templates with your company name.

The best part is that after selecting the design you like best, you can customize it. The customization features are limited and depend on the chosen design, but it is possible to change fonts, colors, icons and elements used.

After finishing the logo maker, you will be directed to a download page. Click on the “download” button and receive a package in your email with files in PNG format in different resolutions according to the practical usage options selected.

Before using a free logo maker…
A compilation of statistics made by Finances Online shows that between 10 and 20 design principles are applied when creating a logo.

Although it is something that many perceive as “small” (perhaps because of the channels in which it is usually disseminated), it is of great importance.

That said, many entrepreneurs’ advisors do not agree with these tools, as they perceive them as unprofessional and not having enough artificial intelligence to create quality logos. Most designers tend to agree with this.

The truth is that there are more and more creators and people are using them more and more; it is probably because besides a logo, the success of a business is also in the constancy, the knowledge of the market, the quality of the product or service, the marketing strategies applied and much more.

So do what you can with what you have and start creating test logos for your business with these useful tools.