99Designs review

Do you need a graphic designer but not sure where to look for such a specialist? Or perhaps you are a designer seeking a client? This article will be useful for both groups as it reviews 99designs, a platform that connects designers with clients in search of exclusive designs. You can create design contests for various designers to submit their creative proposals to you.

What is 99Designs

99designs is a community of professional graphic designers who offer their services to users looking to develop creative projects (logos, web, graphic design and much more). This mechanism allows, among other things, access a wide range of professionals with different skills and experience. Clients can find a person who would provide them with an exclusive design. You can also create design contests for various designers to submit their creative proposals to you.

The New York Times and Forbes also use this platform.

Basic Information about 99Designs.

  • Prices: From $49
  • Free trial: No
  • Return guarantee: 60 days
  • Payment type: Single payment

What 99Designs Offers

This platform offers different plans to acquire design services (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) and offers the possibility of organizing a contest so that several professionals present their creative proposals for the elaboration of a project. In addition, it works as a repository for graphic design professionals, since they can be linked constantly to offer their services.

Key Features of 99Designs 

The main feature of 99Designs is its aim to be a place where professional designers and clients meet. Not only does it provide a creative solution for companies or entrepreneurs, it also offers projects to designers.

99Designs offers a wide range of services which inlude logo design, merchandise, brands, website creation, etc.

100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy some of the plans and you don’t like the design, you can ask for your money back.

Free advice. Do you have questions about the design process? You can contact them by phone call, email or the contact form. You will receive advice without paying a dollar.

You have the possibility to create a design contest.

Personalized service. If you have problems hiring a professional, the 99designs team helps you find the best one for you.

A wide range of services. It’s not just about logo design; In this platform you can find design of covers, t-shirts, packages, branding, web pages, etc.

99Designs Pros

  • Plenty of services offered: logo design, merchandise, brands, website creation, etc.
  • A platform that benefits both designers and clients
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Advice at no cost
  • Different plans to meet the needs of all users
  • Possibility of creating a design contest
  • API integration
  • User-friendly service
  • Multilingual service

99Designs Cons

  • Designers are pressured by time to create their designs and these do not always have the quality expected by the client
  • Users do not provide enough detailed information for the designer to meet his client’s expectations. This causes the final version of the final design to be delayed.
  • With better explanations from the client, creative designs do not delay in time or quality