Unleashing a New Content Experience

Tonya Manning, Client Experience Director, and myself wanted to make a quick announcement to our loyal customers, fellow colleagues and followers.

We are excited to announce a joint-venture between our branding and interactive agency, Brockton Creative Group, and KC Magazine, the long-running publication celebrating life in Kansas City.


We will leverage combined service offerings, products and tools to provide an “Evidence-based, Integrated Content Experience and Audience Engagement”.


This new group will be known as Bourbon CX and it is my privilege and pleasure to lead this new chapter with some of the city’s brightest and most talented individuals.

Tonya, the team and I look forward to exploring how this new marketing model will help your brand engage with customers on a more intimate level.


BCG’S New Digs

As many of you may have heard, BCG has relocated. We loved the place we grew up in; but after six years in the River Market, we knew it was time to find a new space to fit our growing agency.

We searched long and hard to find the space with that “special something” that fit just right with the BCG groove.

Love At First Sight

BCG Office Space

Finally, one sunny June afternoon, owner Brock Stechman found it!

It stood out from its neighbors in stature—a lone, squat yellow-wash brick building. The “Broadway Roasting Company” sign above the first level may have been what lured Brock, an avid coffee lover, into the space in the first place.

The Skinny

The 2,400 ft2 second level boasted an open floor plan, polished concrete floors, two offices, a conference room, a wide-open production space, kitchenette and bathroom.

Did we mention the 4012 Washington site used to be a Kansas City Firehouse?

Built in 1939, Station No. 19 is KCFD’s oldest fire station and only two-story station with poles.

That’s right, there are still fully functioning fireman poles peppered throughout the studio. So, if we wanted to slide down one into a brewing vat of coffee below and gorge ourselves on the caffeinated nectar of gods like the most glutinous of creative creatures, we could. Well, we could in theory. There are little doors at the base of each pole that lock from the first floor. And, sadly, they are locked. (It’s OK, Broadway Roasting Company. We totally understand).

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Broadway Roasting Company

As you may have already realized, The Broadway Roasting Company operates out of the first floor of the building.

As the oldest, locally-owned roasting company in Kansas City, the Broadway Roasting Company has a certain caffeine-drenched cool about it we just can’t get over. They take the art of roasting and brewing coffee seriously, and damnit if we don’t applaud them heartily for that.

Broadway Roasting Company

Broadway Roasting Company

All of us, that is, except for Tim McCoy, who absolutely loathes the taste, smell, texture and chemical make-up of coffee. We caffeine-induced creatives say it builds character. Tim will come around eventually, right? Yeah, probably not.

More For You History Buffs

1939 was a tumultuous time in Kansas City history. Constructed under the Works Progress Adminitstration of 1939, Station No. 19 represented a new, Pendergast-free dawn in the Paris of the Plains.

In historian Ray Elder’s April 2006 article, he covers the history of the KCFD from 1868 to 2006 in which he describes an early-to-mid 20th century period ruled by the infamous KC crook-politician, Tom Pendergast.

Elder writes,

“The extent of influence that the political machine had over the department was realized when the new Director came upon an old desk full of notes that were all signed by Jim Pendergast. These notes would tell the Director of Fire who to hire, who to fire, who to promote, who to demote, and who to transfer. In many cases, a job on the fire department was the direct result of political loyalty to the Pendergast Machine and termination or demotion was the product of disloyalty.  The end of the Pendergast years had left the Kansas City Fire Department impoverished.”

But the construction of Fire Station No. 19 in 1939 marked a new dawn.

66 Years of Service Later

Station No. 19 remained an active station until its close in 2005.

After a winding path of research that took us through the Special Collections department of the Kansas City Public Library and landed us at the Kansas City Fire Museum at Union Station (yeah, we didn’t know this existed, either), we got in touch with retired firefighter Jimmy Walker.

Jimmy single-handedly runs the museum. He is passionate about all things KCFD and got pretty fired up to tell us what he knows about Station No. 19. In fact, he used to work there himself back in the 80s.

Come one, Come all!

So, you’re wondering to yourself, “when can I see it??”

BCG is readying itself for a grand ribbon-cutting and open house extravaganza. We will keep you posted as plans develop.

In the meantime, feel free to stop by for some creative chatter and a cup of joe. Or, if you’re meeting with Tim, perhaps some juice, instead.

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a Blog Post

A little over a year ago, Kansas City Content Marketing Specialist Brody Dorland of Allure New Media and DivvyHQ DivvyHQ wrote a fabulous post called, “12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a Blog Post.” In it, he presents a how-to guide of what to do after writing a post that will help your content grow legs and generate more traffic, back links and conversions.

This year, Brody teamed up with BCG to produce an infographic illustrating that very post. Shout out to Micaela Clarke Micaela Clarke for her hard design work!

Since its publish date, the infographic has received 2,385 views, thousands of re-pins on Pinterest, 19 embeds on other websites and countless other mentions.

12 Things To Do After You Write A Blog Post


Spotlight on SpotlightAR

SpotlightAR Homepage


SpotlightAR works with clients to cut through the noise of requests circling the analyst relations industry. Rick Nash and Andrew Hsu use their combined skills to communicate companies’ true value and worth to those analysts established as influential in recognizing and reporting on the company’s particular sector.

SpotlightAR focuses its efforts on building relationships with these analysts, rather than pitching them for recognition. Through comprehensive research and a thorough compilation of supporting content that well positions the client, RIck and Andrew shine light on a company’s attributes and qualities that set it apart from the competition.

It’s time for you to shine.

SpotlightAR Meet the Founders SpotlightAR About US


Branding and identity, content strategy, sales and marketing. Components include a website, business cards and other branding elements. Adaptive design in the works.

SpotlightAR Business Cards SpotlightAR Business Cards


“We believe Brockton Creative Group is a leading agency on the forefront of branded content marketing. Their Smart Creative Strategy process is one of a kind and gets results in a straight forward manner.

We have been working with BCG for a few months now, and are extremely happy to call them partners. The understanding shown by Brock and his team to our company’s complex messaging is as impressive as their enthusiasm to turn our collective ideas from strategy to production.

They have assembled a highly creative, friendly team with a real can-do attitude. We recently commissioned them to launch our corporate Brand and corresponding web site. The brief was demanding: it needed to be high quality, functional – to include various ways to communicate our specific message to a sophisticated buyer. And they nailed it.

We highly recommend Brockton Creative Group to anyone looking to partner with an agency who will deliver you something unique in terms of design and content from marketing literature to web sites; and complete the full solution by ensuring the web site attracts many visitors; all in a highly professional manner.”

Rick Nash Co-Founder of SpotlightAR

Interview with the Interns

We’re happy to introduce the latest additions to our creative team: Josh and Micaela!

Let’s get to know them.


Micaela the intern

Hometown: Omaha, NE

University: KU

Biggest source of design inspiration:
I could sit and look at design books for hours. I can’t wait to have money to actually buy all of the books I want.

Last book you read:
“Surprise Me: Editorial Design” by Horst Moser

Last movie you watched:
There’s Something About Mary

Why design?
I love to create and inspire. Plus, I don’t do tests.

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Favorite food: Enchiladas or salsa. Can’t go wrong with spicy.

Puppies or kitties: Puppies. Never had a cat be nice to me.

Favorite quote:
“Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

If someone wrote your biography, what would it be titled?
“Look What This Girl Can Do”


Josh the intern

Hometown: Manhattan, KS

University: K-State

Biggest source of design inspiration:
Design books and blogs

Last book you read:
“How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul” by Adrian Shaughnessy

Last movie you watched: Catfish

Why design?
Playing for the NBA didn’t pan out.

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Favorite food: Pulled pork tacos

Puppies or kitties: Turtles.

If someone wrote your biography, what would it be titled?
“Peace, Love, Adobe”

Josh and Micaela have hit the ground running. We’re excited to see what these creative minds will produce in the months to come!

What Can Google+ Do for You?

A few weeks back, I posted about Google’s Search plus Your World feature. Since then, the Interwebs has been humming with commentary that ranges from good, to bad to downright misinformed.

After the wave of criticism passed regarding the relevancy of personalized search, bloggers started to offer their two cents as to how Google can work to modify the G+ user experience. One guy went so far as to create a hack that makes Google search work like it did in the good ‘ol pre-social search days.


Suggestions touch on some of G+‘s biggest issues including its 90 million registered—but inactive—users. Quality over quantity, right?

To an extent, it’s great to have a city with 90 million residents, but if those residents never interact with one another to exchange goods and services, then the city will never flourish. In her post, How Google+ Can Win: Make Publishing UniversalBindu Reddy touches on an obstacle ‘plusers’ often encounter from day one: how to go about building circles.

Reddy’s solution is for Google+ to encourage ‘plusers’ to post about topics that interest them. Then, G+ can connect users based on personal interests, rather than suggesting a celebrity or big-name brand to follow. These more personalized connections will in turn encourage “plusers” to continue to post content relevant to themselves and their newfound followers.


1. Start posting content relevant to your content marketing strategy

2. Optimize the SEO value of your published content

Say I’m writing a post about e-mail marketing. So, I type “e-mail marketing” into the Google Keywords Tool, and it spits out several variations on my topic as well as their rank globally and locally.


What words can you use that are relevant to the subject of your post AND rank high on the keyword list? Pepper your post with them.

3. Make your circles targeted.

Don’t limit yourself to just having a “following” circle. Break it down by business or personal interests and experiment with posting content that is circle-specific.

If your company has specific buyer profiles, create circles for each market segment; for example, create a circle for current clients and one for potential clients. That way, you can share specific content that will be of particular interest to each circle. The more targeted the content in the post, the better.

4. Don’t be shy when it comes to hanging out.

Google hangouts are probably the coolest feature G+ offers. President Obama hosted a hangout a couple days ago where he answered a slew of questions from “plusers” just like you and me.

An example of how to use Google hangouts would be for your company to schedule a regular client support session. Software companies often do this so that people can jump in and ask questions.



New Big Cheese at Brockton CG

KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Think small firms don’t have structure and leadership? Think again. Brockton Creative Group has named Tim McCoy its new Vice President. Tim first joined the company in 2007 and was instrumental in the growth the small agency has experienced. Tim has worn a lot of hats throughout his career at BCG. Most recently, he served as Account Principal, where his duties included maintaining and growing current client relationships and new business development.

To build and grow a small creative firm takes a person who cares. Tim embodies that characteristic inside and outside of work. He is heavily involved with several not-for-profit organizations in Kansas City. Tim is currently a Chamber Champion of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of Young Variety Kansas City, a young professionals organization dedicated to improving the lives and mobility of physically and mentally challenged children. Tim spearheads the philanthropic relationships that Brockton Creative Group maintains today.

“Tim has been my right-hand man in making critical business decisions. I can honestly attribute a lot of our success to his willingness to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy. We love that he helps BCG find ways to give back to the community, and we’re excited to welcome him into his new role as VP,” said Brock Stechman, BCG Founder and President.


Press Contact:
Brock Stechman
[email protected]
O: 816-569-3433

BCG Chosen for National Empact100 List

Empact100 awards_Brockton Creative Group

This is so cool…We made the Empact100 list! This award recognizes the top 100 companies across the nation run by entrepreneurs age 30 or younger who impact our economy and inspire other entrepreneurs.

The award ceremony was held at The White House with senior administration officials on November 17th. Brockton Creative Group was one of three Missouri companies who made this notable list.

Building the Gigabit City

I recently participated in “Building the Gigabit City: Brainzooming a Google Fiber Roadmap”. This was an electric day filled with some incredibly creative minds and innovative thinkers. Held at The Kansas City Public Library, the day was all about bringing leaders in the Kansas City community together to explore and brainstorm ways in which Google’s Gigabit Fiber can impact our city.

The event was sponsored by the Social Media Club of Kansas City and The Brainzooming Group. This video is an impressive recap of the day, and yours truly is at the 3:14 mark on the video.

Here’s a link to the video: http://youtu.be/NvgrAJugh18