Roadtrip to STL for National Parks and Recreation

Brockton Creative Group is proud to announce its keynote session at the National Parks and Recreation Association (NPRA) Conference this year.


We’ve presented at local conferences in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, but next month we have the privilege to share with parks professionals from around the nation our experiences, methodology, TORCH™ Data-Driven platform and successes in “parks department marketing”.


For the last four years our agency has acquired a deep understanding of the internal and external forces that play key roles in building local brand awareness, driving demand and increasing positive public relations for city parks and recreation departments and districts.

Tim presenting at Missouri Parks and Recreation conference

Tim presenting at Missouri Parks and Recreation conference

“We implement a crawl, walk, run process and mentality with our parks clients that sets realistic expectations and delivers results on several fronts,” says our Managing Partner, Tim McCoy.


Many parks departments have, at most, one staff member dedicated to protecting and promoting the brand.


Yes, we said one.


One person in charge of maintaining a vibrant online presence with a barrage of social outlets. One person to develop, pitch and provide interviews for stories with the media. One person to build a year’s worth of strategy and content, plan and execute events and support the many parks, community centers and other locations they own.


These are the factors that have driven our little agency to focus on creating strategic marketing road maps, digital tools and creative ad campaigns for city government departments likes parks & rec.


Tim will be sure to send attendees home with a few easy-to-implement marketing hacks to help them move the needle on their brand awareness and engagement so if you don’t plan on attending the session at 3-4:30 p.m. Friday, October 7, be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram.


Kansas City Parks and Recreation

slides to our community. With park attendance low and a website that wasn’t set up to convert visitors, they turned us to get their website in play.

Cosentino’s Markets Website

A big idea that began as a little fruit stand on the corner in 1948 is the propelling force behind the Cosentino’s brand.

A long-time client of BCG, Cosentino’s Food Stores are a Kansas City cornerstone.

This year, Consentino’s tasked us with redesigning the Cosentino’s Markets website.

Built for the Buyer

Cosentino's Markets Buyer Profiles

From day one, we determined the importance in structuring the site to appeal to two distinctive buyer profile groups—The Downtown Market shoppers and the Brookside Market shoppers. An always-vital piece in our web design process, our content strategy sessions with Cosentino’s became even more important as the buyer profiles we defined now dictate the user’s immediate interaction with the site, providing an overall better experience.

Photography Frames Design

Ben Pieper Photography

The homepage of the site displays information important to both buyers (a blog feed, the Cosentino family story and social media buttons). The main focus of the homepage is a series of interchanging sliders; they truly are the centerpiece of the site, and we have Mr. Ben Pieper to thank for that.

Ben Pieper Photography

A culinary master and expert photographer, Ben Pieper’s photography set the tone for the site design. The product lifestyle shots mirror the very values the Cosentino’s Markets hold near and dear to their hearts—high-quality, fresh food handcrafted to meet every shopper’s needs.

Ben Pieper Photography

Two Distinct Paths

Cosentino's Buyer Profiles

Once the user chooses his or her preferred Market location, the site breaks into two pathways each displaying content tailored to that buyer. There is a calendar that lists Downtown Market events, and then there is a Brookside-specific calendar, as well.

Both Markets are popular lunchtime destinations, and thus the Market menus differ for the two buyers.

The site runs on an easy-to-use intelligent Content Management System. It is designed to be responsive, or able to adapt to any device on which a user views the site.

We built the site to operate as a powerful marketing platform for the Cosentino’s Markets and their ongoing events, promotions, specials, etc.

We had the opportunity to utilize the platform this month with LobstoberFest 2012


Cosentino's LobstoberFest

The brainchild of Marketing Director Mark Winslow, LobstoberFest 2012 is a month-long celebration of all things lobster. Cosentino’s wanted a way to showcase their featured lobster items, deli and prepared items and lobster-ific events going on throughout the month of October.

BCG built a custom landing page to serve as a central location where shoppers could go to learn all they need to know about LobstoberFest. With specials rotating weekly, multiple events per week and a lobster feast giveaway, the landing page is the perfect way to dynamically aggregate all this content and push the information to users—and push users to the site, as well.

Cosentino's Markets LobstoberFest

Our team had fun designing all kinds of supporting graphics to be placed in the stores. From a huge lobster cardboard cut out to a racetrack floor graphic for a live lobster race, we armed Cosentino’s with a hearty supply of lobs-tastic visuals.

This is Lorenzo the Lobster saying, “over and out.”

Looking Back On Logos

Brockton Creative Group Branding and Logos

So much thought goes into creating the perfect logo for a client. Not only does it have to drive home the client’s main message, but it also has to maintain visual appeal and allow people to emotionally identify and engage with the brand.

This is just a small sampling of all the logos we’ve built, but we made an effort to display those that showcase the diversity of our clients. Every now and then it’s good to take a step back and review the branding we’ve completed for clients big and small throughout the years. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with highly innovative companies on projects that challenge, inspire and motivate.

Do you have a favorite out of this mix?

Spotlight on SpotlightAR

SpotlightAR Homepage


SpotlightAR works with clients to cut through the noise of requests circling the analyst relations industry. Rick Nash and Andrew Hsu use their combined skills to communicate companies’ true value and worth to those analysts established as influential in recognizing and reporting on the company’s particular sector.

SpotlightAR focuses its efforts on building relationships with these analysts, rather than pitching them for recognition. Through comprehensive research and a thorough compilation of supporting content that well positions the client, RIck and Andrew shine light on a company’s attributes and qualities that set it apart from the competition.

It’s time for you to shine.

SpotlightAR Meet the Founders SpotlightAR About US


Branding and identity, content strategy, sales and marketing. Components include a website, business cards and other branding elements. Adaptive design in the works.

SpotlightAR Business Cards SpotlightAR Business Cards


“We believe Brockton Creative Group is a leading agency on the forefront of branded content marketing. Their Smart Creative Strategy process is one of a kind and gets results in a straight forward manner.

We have been working with BCG for a few months now, and are extremely happy to call them partners. The understanding shown by Brock and his team to our company’s complex messaging is as impressive as their enthusiasm to turn our collective ideas from strategy to production.

They have assembled a highly creative, friendly team with a real can-do attitude. We recently commissioned them to launch our corporate Brand and corresponding web site. The brief was demanding: it needed to be high quality, functional – to include various ways to communicate our specific message to a sophisticated buyer. And they nailed it.

We highly recommend Brockton Creative Group to anyone looking to partner with an agency who will deliver you something unique in terms of design and content from marketing literature to web sites; and complete the full solution by ensuring the web site attracts many visitors; all in a highly professional manner.”

Rick Nash Co-Founder of SpotlightAR

Juntos Site Launch

 Juntos Center for Advancing Latino Health website


Juntos Center for Advancing Latino Health


Website, logo, promotional materials

Headquartered on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus, Juntos is focused on building community-based participatory research (CBPR) programs that translate research findings toward the elimination of health disparities and building healthier communities.

Don’t Get Punched in the Face

As you may have heard, Facebook announced this week that it will apply timelines to brand pageseverywhere on March 30, 2012. As it stands now, brand page managers have the choice to opt in for the feature.

March 30 seems reasonably far away. Yeah, right. Don’t let it punch you in the face; prepare yourself and your brand to unveil a top-notch timeline come March 30.

Here are three easy things you can do to prepare:

1. Start thinking about/designing your cover image now

The beauty of the cover image on the Facebook Timeline is that it allows for brands to display more of their personality and flavor. With a bigger canvas, the possibilities are endless.

Be sure to use this valuable real estate in a smart way. Don’t just display your logo; think about creating a custom graphic that truly portrays your brand’s values.

2. Collect history

It’s important that a brand tells its story. Facebook Timeline will now allow for brands to do this. Get creative. Think about posting throwback photos, written content from back in the day and other bits of information that when laid out on the timeline, work together to tell your brand’s story.

3. Strategize: content is key

Think about the way content displays on a timeline. If you have gaps in the information on your brand page, be sure to start filling those in. A voluptuous timeline is much more fun to peruse than a starving one.

Brockton Creative Group jumped on the brand page timeline bandwagon today. Join us!

The New Look of Nick and Jake’s

Nick and Jakes chef

Nick and Jakes rebrand_Brockton Creative Group

Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, one of Kansas City’s favorite restaurants, Nick and Jake’s sought out BCG to develop a fresh look and new website. The goal for refreshing their identity is to welcome a new younger demographic to the Nick and Jake’s family while remaining true to their loyal and long-time patrons.

Whether you are a discerning foodie or just enjoy a good night out, Nick and Jake’s is all about real food and honest drink.

This full rebrand consisted of everything from photo-shoots and a new and improved website to new menus, gift cards, collateral, signage, tagline explorations, business cards, letterhead and more.

We friggin’ love this place, so needless to say, we were very excited to work on this project.

See the new Nick and Jake’s website here!