Decades of experience and diverse educational backgrounds have allowed Litigation Insights to create a high-powered team, a strong methodology and a unified service offering that is designed to do one thing…bring their client’s case into focus. 


Bringing the Brand Into Focus

The first step for us, of course, was to bring their brand and online presence into focus. A complete rebrand was in order, and we were pumped.


Brand Standards




 Brand Palette


  • Web Design and Development

    Coming up on its 20th anniversary, Litigation Insights set the objective to increase national awareness of its brand and showcase the expertise, thought leadership and technical prowess of its team.

    Visually, we knew we could communicate their stature through a stunning, new, professional look and feel built on a smart site architecture.

  • Fully Responsive

    To be as accessible as possible, we built this site to be fully responsive. Busy lawyers and litigators on the go can easily browse through Litigation Insight’s services, staff and insights on their tablets, mobile devices and desktops.

Since launching our new site the visitors who found us using search engines has increased almost 40% - an improvement truly necessary in today's digital world.

Merrie Jo Pitera

Chief Executive Officer

Content Marketing

Infographics have proven to be fun and easily digestible content format for Litigation Insights followers. They provide educational information and are easy to share! Click below to view the full content piece live.


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