Kansas City Bone and Joint


Kansas City Bone & Joint has industry leading physicians, a trend setting marketing and EMR team, top-notch facilities and an engaging staff. It was our goal to develop a digital brand strategy that reflected these impressive characteristics. Through our Digital Pathfinder™ strategy process we constructed a content marketing strategy and website based on thought leadership. Supporting the marketing team with ongoing data insights and analysis as well as creative services, KCBJ continues to innovate and inspire nationwide.

  • A Great Website Converts

    It ranks well. It pulls visitors in. It builds trust. It answers questions. It removes obstacles and entices potential patients to take the next step.

    For KCBJ.com, that next step is logging into their Medfusion Patient Portal accounts.

    The website has seen 7 out of 10 visitors convert to the patient portal. Wunderbar!

"We've seen an increase in mobile views of more than 200% since the launch of the new responsive website."

Content Marketing

Infographics have proven to be fun and easily digestible content format for KCBJ followers. They provide educational information and are easy to share! Click below to view the full content piece live.

content marketing infographic