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A big idea that began as a little fruit stand on the corner in 1948 is the propelling force behind the Cosentino’s brand.

A long-time client of BCG, Cosentino’s Food Stores are a Kansas City cornerstone.

This year, Consentino’s tasked us with redesigning the Cosentino’s Markets website.

Built for the Buyer

Cosentino's Markets Buyer Profiles

From day one, we determined the importance in structuring the site to appeal to two distinctive buyer profile groups—The Downtown Market shoppers and the Brookside Market shoppers. An always-vital piece in our web design process, our content strategy sessions with Cosentino’s became even more important as the buyer profiles we defined now dictate the user’s immediate interaction with the site, providing an overall better experience.

Photography Frames Design

Ben Pieper Photography

The homepage of the site displays information important to both buyers (a blog feed, the Cosentino family story and social media buttons). The main focus of the homepage is a series of interchanging sliders; they truly are the centerpiece of the site, and we have Mr. Ben Pieper to thank for that.

Ben Pieper Photography

A culinary master and expert photographer, Ben Pieper’s photography set the tone for the site design. The product lifestyle shots mirror the very values the Cosentino’s Markets hold near and dear to their hearts—high-quality, fresh food handcrafted to meet every shopper’s needs.

Ben Pieper Photography

Two Distinct Paths

Cosentino's Buyer Profiles

Once the user chooses his or her preferred Market location, the site breaks into two pathways each displaying content tailored to that buyer. There is a calendar that lists Downtown Market events, and then there is a Brookside-specific calendar, as well.

Both Markets are popular lunchtime destinations, and thus the Market menus differ for the two buyers.

The site runs on an easy-to-use intelligent Content Management System. It is designed to be responsive, or able to adapt to any device on which a user views the site.

We built the site to operate as a powerful marketing platform for the Cosentino’s Markets and their ongoing events, promotions, specials, etc.

We had the opportunity to utilize the platform this month with LobstoberFest 2012


Cosentino's LobstoberFest

The brainchild of Marketing Director Mark Winslow, LobstoberFest 2012 is a month-long celebration of all things lobster. Cosentino’s wanted a way to showcase their featured lobster items, deli and prepared items and lobster-ific events going on throughout the month of October.

BCG built a custom landing page to serve as a central location where shoppers could go to learn all they need to know about LobstoberFest. With specials rotating weekly, multiple events per week and a lobster feast giveaway, the landing page is the perfect way to dynamically aggregate all this content and push the information to users—and push users to the site, as well.

Cosentino's Markets LobstoberFest

Our team had fun designing all kinds of supporting graphics to be placed in the stores. From a huge lobster cardboard cut out to a racetrack floor graphic for a live lobster race, we armed Cosentino’s with a hearty supply of lobs-tastic visuals.

This is Lorenzo the Lobster saying, “over and out.”

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