Our Team

We’re a trailblazing digital agency. Adapting to industry changes. Capitalizing on cultural trends.

Our team is a melting pot of skilled strategists, savvy content marketers, innovative designers and creative developers.

Since 2005, we’ve used our skills and passion to help over 150 organizations build unforgettable brands. This agency is built on old-school values like hard work, integrity, craftsmanship and helping others – and we take a lot of pride in that.

tim mccoy

Tim McCoy


Tim McCoy, President

I am a President, Project & Account Manager, along with being a business owner. I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO, graduated from Florida A & M University with an MBA and dove into the world of business. I thrive on figuring things out: assessing situations, developing creative solutions and working with my team to bring our ideas to life. I believe this is my talent. It is definitely my passion.

Before my current position with Brockton Creative Group, my professional experiences consisted of pharmaceutical sales, medical device marketing, automotive supplier purchasing, and international sourcing.

My technical expertise is in Project Management and Strategic Planning. I am proficient with the complete Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite (except for Access-for some reason I just can’t find the time to figure that one out).

jake burghart

Jacob Burghart

Graphic & Motion Designer

Jacob Burghart, Designer & Video Production

Hometown: Offerle, KS

Education:  BGS Anthropology at KU, AAS Graphic Design JCCC

Professional Accomplishment: Found a job in my career field in 2012.

Jacob joined the Brockton team as a graphic design intern shortly after graduating from KU and JCCC in May 2012. His main design duties cover many bases from billboards, to web graphics to giant lobster cutouts; however, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He also does a little video work, a skill that Jacob is happy to bring to the table. It is something he has constantly been working on improving and sharing throughout film festivals, shorts, and even a television show pilot he’s been working on for the better part of a year.

Outside of the office, Jacob is usually working on other creative projects, drinking coffee somewhere, or obsessing over his growing record collection.


  • Favorite thing about BCG: Its close proximity to unlimited coffee supply.
  • If you could be one person other than yourself, who would it be? James Franco is going a little crazy, so him.
  • Favorite concert: The Protomen
  • Favorite sequel: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
  • If you could have one super power, what would it be? I'd just radiate fiber-level wireless internet
  • Quirky thing on Jake's Desk: Antlers I guess
  • Dream vacation spot: Jurassic Park
  • Animal you'd ride to work: Woolly Mammoth
  • All-time favorite game: How far can I drive with my eyes closed?
  • Words of wisdom: "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza" -Michelangelo
  • Favorite Pantone Color: 142-11 C. It's a nice, worn, ugly, confused seafoam green.
nancy holder

Nancy Holder

Graphic Designer & Developer

Nancy Holder, Graphic Designer & Developer

Hometown: Edwardsville, KS

Education: BFA in Visual Communications from The University of Kansas – May 2013

Professional Accomplishment: Taught herself how to code

Nancy joined the Brockton Creative Group team as an intern in January of 2013 and joined full time as a Graphic Designer in August of 2013. She eventually taught herself how to code and started developing websites on a daily basis in March of 2014. Her position involves branding, website design, web graphics, developing the front-end and backend of websites, and also updating past BCG sites. She loves to learn new things and is up for any challenge.

Outside of work, Nancy loves to eat (especially some good bbq), spend time with family, solve puzzles and play tennis.

  • Favorite thing about BCG: Thor. And the wide range of projects there are to work on.
  • If you could win an award, what would it be? Lottery, so we can move BCG to the space above Beer Kitchen
  • Favorite software or program: Illustrator
  • Favorite concert you've ever been to: 98 Degrees
  • Favorite Sequel Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise
  • Who would play you in the movie of your life? probably Aubrey Plaza since people always say I have the same personality as her character on Parks & Rec
  • Worst gift I've ever recieved: 1000 piece puzzle of Dalmatian puppies that was front and back.
  • Animal I'd ride to work: Hippogriff
  • All-time favorite game: Snake
  • If I could be a cartoon character: I always wanted to be in rocketpower (even though I've never skateboarded in my life). So I guess I would be Reggie.
  • Words of wisdom: "In order to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong."
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Rocky Road

Andrés Rivas-Cruz

Graphic & Motion Designer

Andrés Rivas-Cruz, Designer

Hometown: Wichita, KS

Education: BFA in Visual Communications from The University of Kansas-May 2013

Andrés started his journey with BCG as an intern in January 2013. Now he is a full-time Graphic and Motion designer. You can catch him working on designs for a new website, branding a new client, working on wireframes or helping with filming and editing video. Some of the projects he is most proud of are KC RaceDay, 25u25 Anatomy of Thinking Bigger Branding and infographics for our client Litigation Insights.

Outside of the BCG life, Andrés likes to continue being creative, hang out with family and friends and visit new places.

  • Favorite thing about BCG: The peeps
  • If you could be someone other than yourself, who would you be? Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • If you could win an award, what would you win? I'd win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. So I can wear a gold chain that says EGOT.
  • Favorite concert Kanrocksas
  • What super power would you have? Absorbing other peoples superpowers.
  • Quirky thing on Andrés's Desk: Jar full of batteries.
  • Who would play you in the movie of your life? Myself.....it'd be a documentary....and it would win me my Oscar and possibly Grammy.
  • Dream vacation spot: I'd like to go to España.
  • Worst gift you've ever received: Jar Jar Binks blow up chair.
  • Animal you'd ride to work: Liger or Land Shark
  • If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? Spongebob or Johnny Bravo
  • Words of wisdom: Keep it simple, stupid.
andrew olson

Andrew Olson

Developer & System Admin

Andrew Olson, Front End Developer/Web Administrator

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Education: Mt. San Jacinto.

Andy joined the Brockton family in December 2013. He helps develop and build the websites we design, while maintaining all of our technical needs and our web servers. The projects he’s most proud of are the KC RaceDay and Museum of Prairie Fire websites. Both are extremely tedious but a lot of fun. While originally entering the field as a designer, he found a passion in the code. Needless to say his favorite trilogy is the Matrix. Who saw that coming? Not us!

Outside of the life of BCG, Andy enjoys working on his new home, being a full-fledged MLG pro nerd and walking his adorably loud corgis.

  • Favorite thing about BCG: The creative and laid-back atmosphere. BCG makes you feel welcomed, wanted and cool. The office space is unique and creative, the people are even more so in the best ways possible. Overall this is the best job I have ever had. I can see myself here for a long time.
  • If you could be someone other than yourself, who would you be? Oh gosh, any? Like fictional or otherwise? Like is that really a question? Neo. I mean...bending my utensils while eating sushi would make that a breeze.
  • Favorite concert: Janelle Monae
  • Favorite sequel: Matrix Reloaded. Duh.
  • Quirky thing on Andy's desk: Well, it probably is a tie between my awesome looking phone dock thing, and the 3D picture of a random dog that says "You're awesome." Which is a true statement. Though an odd valentine to get from /cupid/. *cough*
  • Favorite sports team: Probably CW of the EUW (eSports of get out)
  • All-time favorite game: Oh man, probably Star Wars of the Old Republic. NOT the MMO. That or Remember Me.
  • If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? Yogi. Most likely.
  • Words of wisdom: "Tolerating Intolerance is intolerable."

Erin Morris

Content Strategist

Tess Lyons

Account Manager

Stephen Jordan


Digital Pathfinder™

Technology has created a new breed of buyer and the effectiveness of traditional marketing and advertising vehicles alone is no longer worth the investment. We, as businesses, need to shift our marketing mindset and focus on creating online content that increases find-ability, generates awareness, communicates value and most importantly starts conversations about your brand and service offerings. We do this through the Digital Pathfinder™.

Discovery & Goal Setting

Buyer Profiling

Digital Content Strategy

Creative Execution

Reporting & Analysis

Our Disciplines.

(We are full service)

When it comes to marketing services we can literally say, “been there, done that”. Our foundation is built on solid brand and design principles. These pillars have allowed us to develop other invaluable capabilities along the way.




When we say “strategy,” we don’t just mean a few brainstorming sessions here and there. We’ve developed a streamlined process that defines, measures and maps out what success for your brand and business really looks like. Through our 6-step, “Strategy Engagement Digital Pathfinder” program, we will teach you how to turn your vision into reality. Keep reading to learn about the comprehensive steps we will take you and your team through over the course of a few weeks.




Brockton Creative Group started as a small print-oriented team, but quickly grew into a graphic design machine. We are virtually limitless because BCG is made up of incredibly talented designers who have experience in a variety of areas, all of which are used for the good of our clients. Even our Account Executives dabble in design! Below you will find information about the design services we offer.


Content Marketing


The newest trend to come from social media is a shift in how consumers engage with companies and brands. With Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, they are reaching out and doing research socially instead of just using the company’s website, email or other physical channels. Since people like to stay connected and find out the latest trends via these mediums, there is a larger emphasis on promoting through developed content.




Whether you’re a new company or just want to refresh your brand, our team of creatives can help you make a name for yourself. We will guide you through strategy sessions to get a feel of what drives your business and inspires you. We feel to really brand a product or company, we need to get to know its heart. Our services include: …




What good is marketing if you can’t measure its effectiveness? We believe it is important to monitor all campaigns to adjust for future marketing tactics. With many of our clients, we host a monthly strategy and editorial planning meeting to go over analytical reports. These sessions include:

  • Planning strategic support and accountability
  • Reviewing of key metrics such as website traffic, conversions, social media mentions, blog visits, mobile traffic, and top referring sites
  • Going over hits and misses from the previous month
  • Analyzing popular content
  • Reporting on marketing vehicles
  • Identifying top influences
  • Reviewing our marketing process and its effectiveness
  • Setting goals for the months ahead
  • Brainstorming content based on data/feedback
  • Completing the editorial calendar
  • Creating an action plan for future creative deliverable



By combining social engagement with targeted media buys, your brand will have an effective 360-degree approach to reach your target audience. Some of our recommended strategies include digital banner advertising, print advertising, pay-per-click (or SEM), social network advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.), sponsorships, associations and digital shorts.




Since technology has created a new medium of expression, traditional marketing and advertising vehicles alone are no longer worth the investment. It is extremely important to focus on creating meaningful online content that increases your online presence. By utilizing the newest SEO techniques, we help you realize how to develop interesting content that drives “findability,” generates awareness, communicates value and begins conversations about your brand.




We can create small animations like .gifs for email blasts, or large scale projects like a company intro video for your website. The motion and animation team at BCG is well-versed in storyboard creation, script writing, filming and editing. We have also have access to voice-over talent. Since videos and animations are great for sharing through social media, we’ll make sure your project is new and exciting.