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Brockton Creative Group is proud to announce its keynote session at the National Parks and Recreation Association (NPRA) Conference this year.


We’ve presented at local conferences in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, but next month we have the privilege to share with parks professionals from around the nation our experiences, methodology, TORCH™ Data-Driven platform and successes in “parks department marketing”.


For the last four years our agency has acquired a deep understanding of the internal and external forces that play key roles in building local brand awareness, driving demand and increasing positive public relations for city parks and recreation departments and districts.

Tim presenting at Missouri Parks and Recreation conference

Tim presenting at Missouri Parks and Recreation conference

“We implement a crawl, walk, run process and mentality with our parks clients that sets realistic expectations and delivers results on several fronts,” says our Managing Partner, Tim McCoy.


Many parks departments have, at most, one staff member dedicated to protecting and promoting the brand.


Yes, we said one.


One person in charge of maintaining a vibrant online presence with a barrage of social outlets. One person to develop, pitch and provide interviews for stories with the media. One person to build a year’s worth of strategy and content, plan and execute events and support the many parks, community centers and other locations they own.


These are the factors that have driven our little agency to focus on creating strategic marketing road maps, digital tools and creative ad campaigns for city government departments likes parks & rec.


Tim will be sure to send attendees home with a few easy-to-implement marketing hacks to help them move the needle on their brand awareness and engagement so if you don’t plan on attending the session at 3-4:30 p.m. Friday, October 7, be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram.


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